Square Credit Card Reader For Ipad

    alternativestosquarepaymentsIf you want to use Square Payments you’ll need a Square Credit Card Reader For Ipad. A Square Credit Card Reader For Ipad reader fits into your iPhone, Android Phone, or iPad. It shoves right into a slot or hole in your device. The reader has a slot for you to either swipe or insert your customers credit. It’s pretty simple to use and it only takes a few seconds.  Here is what a square credit card reader looks like. You’ll see in the picture that it simply fits into your phone and lets you swipe a credit card.   Actually you will likely need several of these. You may lose one and need a replacement. Or you may have a credit card reader that malfuctions.

    A Square credit card reader case is also something that you may want. This protects your credit card reader and keeps it from getting dirty. You’re outside selling your products and you may get dust or dirt in your area. If you’re at a farmers market, beach, concert or outdoor mall this can easily happen. So putting your reader in a case to protect the slot where the credit card slides through is a good idea. When you make a sale you’ll slide your customer’s credit card through the slot and you don’t want dirt or lint or other foreign matter to get in the way.

    There are a few other pieces of equipment that you may want to consider and we’ve listed these below for you to consider.

    Square Receipt Printer

    Star Micronics SM-S220iA receipt printer works together with your square funds system. It takes USB connection or a bluetooth wireless. The exchange is authorized, once you swipe at a bank card on your own square audience along with a bill immediately prints out on your client. That is practical and quite simple. Your customer gets a bill.

    Square Receipt Printer Specifications

    A Receipt printer is not very big. Here are the measurements below and also some details about about a receipt printer.

    • Weight: 5.7 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 inches
    • Color: Grey or Black
    • Included Items: Paper Roll, Software, Power Cable, Mounting Kit, Interface Cable

    You can install a paper receipt printer in 30 minutes or less. You’ll find everything you need in the box. You’ll get the receipt printer, thermal paper, USB cable, power cable, software and instructions. We suggest you spend at least 10 minutes reading the instructions before you get started installing it. You’ll also want to try this out at home before you to go to a busy farmers market, concert, mall kiosk or anywhere where you are making sales.

    Receipt Printer Benefits

    • Your customers want a receipt so they can return purchases. They also may want the receipt for tax purposes.
    • You can show your company logo, coupon, website or phone number.
    • You make a professional impression when you print a receipt.
    • Providing a receipt to your customer at the sale reminds the customer about you and your business.

    Receipt Printer Features

    • The receipt printer has a power cable, interface cable and a paper roll and this all you need to setup the receipt printer.
    • The paper is printed with heat and this means you don’t need to buy cartridges or run out of ink. You will run out of paper if you are making a lot of sales but you should be able to make 200  sales or so.
    • The software is what you use to design your own custom receipt and but if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to.
    • The interface cable is the connection between your smartphone or iPad and the receipt printer.  When you make a sale the receipt printer will automatically output a paper receipt.

    Other Places to Learn About

    Square Corporate Website
    This is a good place to learn more about Square payments and what you need.

    There are also some really good videos that can help you understand how this all works.

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