Square Credit Card Reader For Iphone


    You’ll desire a Square Credit Card Reader For Iphone if you desire to use Square Payments. The reader has a slot for you add or to swipe your customers credit. It’s quite easy to use and it just takes a couple of seconds. Here is what a credit card reader that is square resembles. You’ll see in the image that it allows you to swipe a credit card and just fits into your cellphone. Really you’ll probably want several of these. You want a replacement and may lose one. Or you may have.

    A Square credit card reader case is something which you may prefer. This keeps it from becoming dirty and protects your credit card reader. This can easily occur if you’re at outside mall, seashore, concert or a farmers market. So setting your reader in a case where the credit card slides through to shield the slot, is recommended.


    Card Reader For Android

    If you don’t have an iPhone then you’ll likely have an android phone. You can get a credit card reader for an android as these are also available.

    Square Corporate Website
    This is a good place to learn more about Square payments and what you need.

    There are also some really good videos that can help you understand how this all works.

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