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    Receipt Printer for Square Payments
    If you’re using Square payments you’ll want to use a receipt printer. Star Micronics SM-S220i
    There are several pieces of equipment that can help you with Square Payments. But we think the receipt printer is the main additional piece of equipment you will want. A receipt printer prints a receipt that you can give your customer immediately. Some customers are not comfortable with the email receipt. They want something to hold in their hand. Receipt printers are not as expensive as you might think. You can buy the printers online. Check the prices here. Here is the rest of our square receipt printer review. Here is what you will learn in our article.

    • What receipt printers work with Square payments?
    • Is setting up a receipt printer a hassle or difficult to do?
    • What is the cost of the receipt printer?
    • Do I need to buy replacement ink cartridges and are these expensive?
    • How long does the paper roll last and how many receipts can I print?
    • Is replacement paper expensive and where do I buy it?
    • What types of receipt printers should I consider?

    What printers work with Square Payments?

    When you buy a printer you need to make sure it works with Square or the other alternative payment processors. Here is a link to the Square Payments website that describes the receipt printers that work with the Square Payments service. https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5084-supported-hardware-for-ipads After you’ve looked at the square payments website be sure to shop around for your receipt printer. That’s because some of this equipment can get expensive and you want the best deal. But let’s move on. There are two kinds of receipt printers for Square Payments: an Ethernet Printer and a BlueTooth printer. An Ethernet printer connects to your iPad or tablet with a wire. This wire is known as LAN cable or ethernet cable. The second type of receipt printer is a bluetooth printer and connects to your square payments with bluetooth or wireless connection. Here’s more information.

    Ethernet Printers

    Ethernet printers are devices that you carry around much. This is great for people who don’t move around. For example, you might be a kiosk in a mall or another retail location. You sell to your customers from the same place everyday. If this is you, you’ll setup your printer one time and then you’ll be done. Of course there may be times when you move your equipment around and an ethernet printer will allow you to do that. But most of the time you don’t want to be plugging and unplugging cables. One model is the Star Micronics SM-S220i. It weighs about half a pound and the dimensions are 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.9 inches. It’s affordable and you can check the prices here.

    Another model, also by Star, is the Star Micronics, TSP143L WHT US. This is bigger than the Star Micronics SM-S220i. It is about 3.5 pounds. There is an auto cutter that slice through your receipt so that you don’t have to rip it off the machine by hand.
    Check the prices here.

    Bluetooth Printers

    Bluetooth printers don’t have a cable connecting your device to your iPad and reader. Bluetooth is like wifi or wireless internet and it’s easy to use. If you’re selling at a farmers market, at a beach, or at an a concert, political rally or etc. bluetooth is what you want. You simply configure your iPad for the printer and put the printer beside you. It’s a tough device and can take some punishment.
    Check the prices here.

    Setup is Not Hard

    The printers we looked at are simple. You plug and play and you’re ready. You’ll need a power cable, an ethernet cable, a place to put your printer and a roll of paper. That’s it. Generally, you should be able to get up in going in 20 minutes or less

    What is the cost?

    There are different prices. Most devices run from $50 and up to $300 for the fully loaded printers.

    Ink cartridges are not needed.

    None of the printers we looked at used ink. The printers use thermal paper. In other words, the paper is heated by the printer to print the customer’s order on the receipt.

    How long does a paper roll last?

    The amount of time the paper lasts in your printer depends on your sales. If you’re making hundreds of sales per day then you’ll be replacing the roll of paper a couple times a month. That’s not bad. Paper rolls for your printer are pretty cheap.

    Is replacement paper expensive?

    How much does replacement paper rolls cost? Not much. You should be able to find 10 rolls for under $25. At times you can find deals for $1.50 per roll. Quality of the paper can vary. Some paper can be so thin that your customer can see through it. This should not be a problem as the paper is really just for one purpose which is providing receipt of purchase.

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