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A popular ecommerce solution that we like is known a Big Commerce. What do we like about Big Commerce? Many things. The folks at Big Commerce have stuffed their products full of ecommerce features. So you really won’t need anything but Big Commerce. Here’s more.

Why use Big Commerce as your ecommerce solution?

Big Commerce has everything you need for ecommerce. This includes hosting. So if you’re starting out in ecommerce you will want to consider Big Commerce.


Even if you are an experienced business person you will still want to consider Big Commerce. Why? Big Commerce provides everything you need in one package. Here’s a list of features:

BigCommerce Reviews

Web Hosting: With Magento you need to find a web host and install Magento. Not so with Big Commerce. Big Commerce does it all for you. They provide the hosting, web site and everything else.

Payment Gateway: Big Commerce handles your payments for you. They take the responsibility of securing credit card data so you don’t have to. This is good. You don’t want this hassle.

Website Builder Tool: You get a selection of themes that you apply to your online storefront. You can create your own theme. You can hire a theme to be created for you. The point here is that creating a beautiful website is easy and you have many options.

Mobile-optimized store: Another great thing about the Big Commerce Website Builder is that you can build a mobile-optimized or “responsive” website. This means your website can be seen by customers on phones and tablets. A lot of shopping is on phone or tablet so you will want a mobile optimized website.

Marketing Tools: Big Commerce has lots of tools to drive traffic to your website and help you turn the traffic into customers.

Getting Started with BigCommerce

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