How to Buy an iPad™ Stand

If you accept credit card payments from your customers and you use Square Payments, you’ll want an iPad stand. An ipad stand holds your iPad for you and makes your Square Payments setup look more like a cash register. iPad stands can be really easy to setup. But you need to pick the best ones.

Device NameMeasurementsWorks WithWhat is inlcuded? 
Simple iPad Stand8.0 pounds
14.5 inches in length
Square Payments and some othersiPad Stand and Swipe Reader
iPad Stand + Contactless Reader + Chip Reader​8.5 pounds
14.5 inches in length
Square PaymentsiPad Stand, swipe reader, NFC reader, chip credit card reader
Full Square POS Bundle20 pounds
14.5 inches in length
Square PaymentsiPad Stand, Swipe Reader, Contactless Reader, Chip Reader, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer

To find the best ipad stand you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you use an iPad? Or do you use another tablet? iPad Stands generally work with iPads but if you have another tablet there are also stands for these.

  • Do I just want to use a phone? If you’re just getting started in your business you may want to just save your money.

  • Do I want to be able to move the iPad Stand around a lot? You’ll want something that is light weight and easy to move.

  • What is my budget? This may be a place to spend some money. The iPad Stand makes you look professional and it’s easier than hauling out your iPhone or Android phone every time you want to accept a Square Payment.

  • Do I want an iPad Stand Bundle or Square Payments Bundle or just the iPad Stand? What is a bundle? A bundle is bunch of devices sold together. Normally the bundle has an iPad Stand, a Cash Drawer and a Receipt Printer. There is also a bundle that is just an iPad Stand with a contactless credit card reader.

Best iPad Stands 2017

Square Payment iPad Stand

If you’re using Square Payments, you’ll likely want an iPad Stand. Can you get along without a iPad Stand? Probably. But your customers will appreciate the professional look of a cash register.

But finding a iPad Stand that works for you is not always easy. You need to make decisions. If you move around a lot you may just want to stick with your phone. For example, if you are at a farmer’s market, craft show, or renaissance fair you may want something that you can move around easily. iPad Stands are easy to move around but it is something extra to haul. If you have a line of customers, however, you’ll want the convenience of the iPad Stand as your customers will naturally form a line where you can swipe their credit card and show them how much they will pay. If you’re selling food, for example, you’ll want an iPad Stand. People won’t want you touching your phone to do the transaction. Plus the solid color iPad Stand (normally white or black) gives a clean professional appearance that people buying food like to see.

Square Stand for iPad

With the most basic iPad Stand ou can turn your iPad into a complete point of sale. The Square stand is simple and secures your iPad. Getting started is simple. You add you iPad, download the free Square register app, and plug in hardware. Your point of sale is ready to go. If you do decide to get additional hardware such as a cash drawer or receipt printer you can attach the hardware easily. The Square stand allows you to add a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar Code scanner, and the Square contactless and chip reader.

Works with iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

  • Set up is easy. You'll be ready in minutes.
  • Swivels so that you can show the checkout amount to your customers.
  • Holds your iPad securely.
  • You can take swipe credit card transactions or chip and pin. But you will need to buy the contactless credit card reader.


​Easy to setup.


​Swivels to show your customers how much they are paying.

​Easily connects to other hardware such as a cash drawer, chip card reader, bar code reader or receipt printer.


To accept chip and pin credit cards (EMV) you'll need to add the Square Payments contactless card reader. 

You have to buy the chip reader separately. We are repeating this because it is important to keep this in mind.​

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  • POS System
  • Connection
  • Size and Weight

Weight: 8 pounds

Length: 14.5 inches​

Square Stand for iPad, Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air with Contactless + Chip Reader and Dock

You can turn your iPad into a complete point of sale including the ability to accept EMV chip and pin credit cards. This is a bundle that includes an iPad Stand for the iPad, Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air along with a Contactless credit card reader and a chip and pin reader. This allows you to do a swipe, Apple iPay, NFC and read credit cards with a chip. You can handle any credit card that comes your way. If you wanto to make one purchase that takes care of all your basic needs this is it. Again if you’re happy with your phone you don’t need the stand. But if you have any sort of customer line or you want to look more professional, the iPad Stand is the way to go. While you’re at it you need the contactless device and chip and pin credit card reader. You’ll need this because you’ll have customers who will want to pay this way. The contactless reader is fast and your customer need only waive their credit card or phone near the device. If you want to add a cash drawer and or receipt printer you can easily add these.​ ​

Works with iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Air 2 and iPad Air


​Easy to setup.

​Works with iPad, Pro 9.7, Ipad Air 2 

​Includes a contactless chip reader and dock

​You're completely ready to go. You can accept swipe credit cards, Apple iPay, NFC and EMV or chip and pin credit cards.


You might save a little money if you buy the contactless card reader separately. But this is a small issue. Getting everything in one bundle can save you time and hassle.

  • POS System
  • Connection
  • Size and Weight

Weight: About 8 pounds

Length: About 13 inches

Square POS Bundle (iPad Stand, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer)

This is a full bundle of devices for Square Payments. You’ll get a cash drawer and a receipt printer along with an iPad Stand. You may think you don’t want the cash drawer but you’ll have cash transactions now and again at farmers markets, fairs, craft shows and etc. Many customers bring cash with them and they will want to pay with cash. The cash drawer is more professional than shoving the money in your wallet or pocket. It’s easier to make change. You keep your personal money separate from your business money. Also the cash drawer keeps the cash secure in your booth or kiosk. The receipt printer is just good business. Sure you can email a receipt to your customers with Square. No problem there. But some customers want a paper receipt at the time of the sale. You don’t want to write out a hand receipt. This receipt printer automatically prints a receipt on thermal paper and auto cuts it for you. You can also modify the receipt to show your website or telephone number. This is helpful advertising space. The receipt printer and cash drawer are made by reputable manufacturers. The receipt printer, for example, is made by Star Micronics. Star Micronics is one of the leading makers of receipt printers in general and also for Square Payments. The Star Micronics Printer and Cash Drawer Easily integrate with Square POS system.


You get everything you need in one purchase.

You'll know that all the devices will work together seamlessly. If not, you can return the whole lot.

The devices included in the bundle are made by the top manufacturers. The receipt printer, for example, is made by Star Micronics.

You'll get a cash drawer, receipt printer, iPad Stand.


Price. This can be expensive. But it's best to check online and see the price.

Depending on the bundle you may still need to get a contactless credit card reader for chip and pin credit cards.

You may not use the cash drawer much. But let's face it. Your cash purchases are not going to be a lot anyway. But when you do get them you'll have a cash drawer to lock up the cash.

Works with iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

  • POS System
  • Connection
  • Size and Weight

iPad Stand: 8.5 pounds

Contactless Reader: 0.5 Pounds

Cash Drawer:

Receipt Printer: 13 pounds​