iPP 350

The iPP 350 maximizes counter top retail and also financial check out with a fast, safe and secure settlement solution. The iPP 350 makes it possible for merchants to approve credit rating and also debit card electronic payment purchases that require a PIN. Our iPP 350 is quickly linked to cash registers as well as collection systems, and accepts NFC/contactless payments.

Highest Safety

The iPP 350 satisfies the latest software and hardware security requirements. PCI PTS 2.x as well as 3.x accredited, iPP 320 & iPP 350 ensure secure data and application management and allow very safeguarded digital transactions. It likewise adheres to SRED as well as Open up procedure modules.

All Payment Alternatives

Along with accepting EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless settlement, the iPP 350 also supports brand-new modern technologies such as NFC commitment, couponing, pocketbooks as well as QR codes.

Fast Check out

Durable as well as optimized for rapid check out, the IPP 350 is created to fulfill the requirements of extreme retail settings. Very portable, the iPP 350 needs minimal counter area as well as give easy handling.

All Connectivity & Communication

The iPP 350 connects to an ECR, a POS or a COMPUTER by means of straight link, such as Ethernet, RS232 or Tailgate. The plug & play iPP 350 is furnished with a single multi-point mono port cable for seamless integration.

Made for retail

Robust as well as maximized for rapid checkout, the IPP 350 is created to satisfy the demands of extreme retail atmospheres. Really portable, the iPP 350 needs minimum counter area as well as offers simple handling. Huge 15-key backlit keypad, LCD present and work secrets permit comfy, hassle-free interactions.