Getting More Sales: Sell Online

You want to get more sales. You want to sell more online. We’ll share a process and some resources for getting more sales.

Here is what we will share with you.

  • How to Identify Your Target Customer
  • How to Speak Like Your Target Customer
  • How to Drive Your Target Customer to Your Website
  • Traffic Methods (SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Selling in Online Marketplaces

Who is your customer?
It may be a blunt question. But do you know your customer? Who are they and why do they care about your product or service?
Generally the best way to know your customer is to sell your product or service in person. When you fail at selling you’ll get valuable feedback.
This feedback will help you understand who your customer is not. Here are some additional ways to know you customer.

Use your own product or service so you know it’s benefits

Look at Your Competitor’s Advertising
A great way to do this is simply search online for the product you’re selling. Find your competitor’s websites and online advertising.
Scrutinize your competitor’s website in detail and see what you can learn. Do the same for their online advertising.

Ask your existing customers why they bought from you?
If you have customers ask them why they bought from you?

How to speak like your customer?