Implementing Credit Card Payments In Your Website

Integrating your website with a payment gateway provider.

It’s really not that difficult to add credit card payments to your ecommerce website. Some ecommerce solutions have done all the work for you already.

Ecommerce Solutions

There is much more to ecommerce than a shopping cart. You also need to display images of products and provide useful information to your customers. You will want to show video of models or other customers using the product and also you will want customers to leave reviews of the products that you’re selling. So there is quite a bit that you need to make ecommerce work. Fortunately there are full blown ecommerce solutions or software that handle this for you. Before we go there let’s breakdown some of the basic functions of an ecommerce solution.

Product Catalogue

Database of products that has the product name, description, image, price and special information about the product. When you sell a product the database may also decrement or substract the product from your inventory.

Content Management System

This is the software that helps you make web pages and add information to the webpages.

Customer Reviews

This is part of the content management system and allows your customers to write reviews about your products.

Customer Identity

This is where your customer where create a profile or give you information such as their name, shipping address and other personal preferences. This will be password protected so that your customer can login and shop. This all may sound complicated but there are some really easy solutions that don’t cost much and make it easy to get started. The ones we like are Shopify, Magento, Volusion and Big Commerce.


Redirects are the simplest form of a shopping cart to implement and perhaps the most well know redirect is PayPal. When you sign up for a PayPal business PayPal will give you little snippets of code that you add to your website. The bit of code appear as buttons on your website. When your customer clicks on the buttons they are redirected to the PayPal site where the customer logs in and makes a payment. This dramatically simplifies the work that you need to do to run a website. PayPal handles the credit card numbers for you.


Widgets are snippets of code you put into your website. In your website the snippets appear as forms that your customer will fill out with their information adn credit card information. However, the information put in by your customer goes directly to your payment gateway. This takes the liability for credit card number safety out of your hands.