5 Awesome Reasons to Use Magento

Magento is a popular ecommerce solution for many merchants

Surveys report that Magento ecommerce accounts for a 26% of online ecommerce sites. Magento is popular because it is built for ecommerce. Unlike the popular WordPress platform or other platforms, it was was originally designed and intended to be for selling. So it’s all ready for you. What’s more is that Magento has a huge following of developers, hobbyists, companies and many other people to help you. You won’t be alone. Hosting companies all know Magento and their support of it is typically brillant.

Here are 5 Reasons To Use Magento As Your Ecommerce Solution

If you’re looking for the most popular ecommerce tool for selling online look at Magento ecommerce. Why use it?

magento ecommerce

  • It is wildly popular and this means you can get help and find many applications.
  • With Magento you can run as multiple websites while using the same Magento ecommerce database.
  • Magento has great reporting and you can download reports into a spreadsheet.
  • Magento can save you money. Magento has everything that you need. There is also a free version.

Here are five more reasons to consider and use Magento:

(1) Good for Search Engines: The URLs are easy to read. You will be able to add meta tags and other identifiers to your pages. In general, Magento helps you avoid duplicate content. What is duplicate content? Duplicate content is the same content or repeated content. The search engines typically do not like this and put the content at the bottom of search results.

(2) More than 1 Website: If you want more than one site in Magento you can get it! This is a great way to try different looking websites or run websites for different countries. The database that holds all your information is the same. You might want to have a different website for each country you sell to. With Magento this is easy.

(3)Advanced Reporting: Magento has detailed and easy reports. Magento tells you what you have sold, when you sold it, the price, the tax, the foreign currency and more. You can also download the reports into spreadsheets. One click and your data is downloaded.

(4)Admin Panel: Our favorite feature is actually the Admin Panel. This is where you configure your Magento store, respond to customer inquiries, ship orders, do reporting and more. The Admin Panel is robust and loaded with features.

(5) Money: Magento provides everything you need to sell online in one package. With Magento you get a product database, website, reporting, payments integration, shipping integration and customer care tools. There is more than that but these are the main things that you need. There is a free and a paid version of Magento.

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