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Using a Receipt Printer with Square for Android

Today we’re going to be talking about receipt printers you can use with Square for Android. So the receipt printers you can use are Star Micronics USB interface receipt printers, and Star Micronics Ethernet interface receipt printers. The one we have here is the TSP100, it’s been replaced by the TSP100III, and we have the USB interface version. To use it with your tablet or phone with Square, all you need to do is use a micro USB to USB adapter, you plug that in to the micro USB port on your tablet, and then you take the USB cable from your printer and you’ll plug it in to the adapter, and then Square will recognize it and it will say “Star printer has been connected” and then when you’re in Square and you have an order and you want to check out and charge the customer, you can go ahead and charge them, and if you want to print a receipt, it’ll go ahead and print a receipt for you. You can learn more here.

Star Micronics TSP100/143 Receipt Printer Review

We’re doing a presentation on the Star TSP100 series thermal receipt printer. This is actually the Star TSP143, and this is a USB one that we have right here. It’s also available in Ethernet and other interfaces, wireless as well. The nice thing about this receipt printer is it’s actually one of the fastest thermal receipt printers on the market today. It’s 250 millimeters/second print speed, which is very fast indeed. Learn more here.

In addition to that, it comes with a four year warranty and it also comes with a very innovative utility that comes standard with it at no additional charge that allows you to compress the font size on the receipts. This will actually over time save on paper and of course your costs for receipts over a period of a year or more. It also allows you to add logos and other designs to the receipt. This is nice to have in case your point of sale software program is inadequate in these areas to be able to allow you to do a customized receipt. As you can see here with the receipt printer, we have a standard feed button and you have your error light and of course your power on and off indicator as well. So one other thing too about the receipt printer is that the interface type is hot swappable, so that means that this particular printer is USB…

But let’s just say later on down the road you may need to have an Ethernet interface for this printer and have it be a network printer; you can easily purchase an Ethernet card, take out the USB one that’s in there now and upgrade your printer to an Ethernet interface at nominal cost. So we’re just going to do a quick transaction here so you can see the speed of this Star TSP100 series printer. Let’s put this in here… so as you can see here… it also has an auto cutter feature in there as well. By the way ,so I think you probably saw that where the paper was cut, it cuts it up to about here in the corner, and you can just easily remove it.

This is your receipt right here. As you can see here you can also print barcodes, and as I mentioned earlier with the standard utility that comes with this if you wanted to save on paper you can compress the size of the font smaller so your receipt will be less, thus, saving paper over a period of time. This receipt printer is economically priced in regards to other printers that are on the market that are direct competitors, so we highly recommend this printer for the overall value functionality and also the 4-year warranty, which is also pretty much unheard of. Most thermal receipt printers are only about one or two years, so four years is outstanding.

Receipt Printer Basics – A Quick Lesson On Receipt Printer Basics

There are two main types of receipt printers. There is the older impact receipt printer which uses ribbon and the newer high speed thermal receipt printers that uses thermal transfer instead of using ribbon. Both of these can do duel colors though thermal is primarily just a single color black. You need a very special paper to do duel colors and you also need a printer capable of doing duel colors. This is the impact receipt printer. This was your older type of receipt printer. These two are older receipt printers themselves. Instead of using the more common drop in loading it uses a take-up section so you actually have to mount the paper into this holder and then feed it into the printer. This is set up in the same way. Newer receipt printers use drop in loading, you pop in the top, drop in the receipt paper, close it and you are ready to go. Ribbons come in a few different colors. See more information about receipt printers here.

This is the red black option. There are also straight black and straight purple depending on your color needs. The disadvantage to impact printers is the sound on it. They are quite loud. If I run a print test on this guy. Um so they make a lot of noise but these are still the most common printers in the kitchen as that the paper isn’t affected by heat.

If you put a thermal paper under a heat lamp sometimes it can turn black making it a little hard to read. This won’t be affected in the same way. Here are thermal receipt printers. This is the budget Epson TM-T20 ReadyPrint. It prints at 6 inches per second and has an auto cut. This is the faster Epson TM-T88V. It prints at about 12 inches per second and again has an auto cut. A couple other models. This is the POS-X HiSpeed and this is the Seiko Qaliber. The Seiko Qaliber is a bit smaller than the other models.

It’s five inch square. This is your more traditional sized printer. The speed on the Qaliber is comparable to the 88V or the POS-X HiSpeed, it’s just a smaller shell. Looking at the interface for printers the budget receipt printers tend to be wired in. So, like this is a serial printer and all it can be is a serial printer, there is the serial port and that’s how it is. If you look at the 88V or the POS-X HiSpeed the interface card is mounted by a couple of screws. This card can pop out and then you can switch from being in this case a USB interface to being a serial or a parallel. The POS-X is the same way. This card can be replaced so you can switch it to a different interface.

Additionally there is a USB port built into both the POS-X HiSpeed and the 88V so even if you bought a parallel today and you want to go to USB you don’t have to change out the card you can just plug in a USB cable. So these are the two most common types of receipt printers. Your impact receipt printer which uses ribbon and your thermal receipt printer which uses thermal paper. They’re available in USB, Serial and Parallel. Impact receipt printers are normally available with an Ethernet interface as well if you’re going to be using it in your kitchen that will give you a longer range and you can put it away from your point of sale system. USB is typically the most common in thermal since it is right next to your point of sale system.

Square Virtual Terminal

With Virtual Terminal, you can key in card payments right from your computer. Just head to your Square Dashboard and charge your customers in seconds. No extra hardware, reader, or app required. You pay three point five percent plus fifteen cents per transaction, the same rate as other manually keyed-in transactions. And just like other standard Square payments, you get your funds in one to two business days. To take a payment with Virtual Terminal, log in to your Square Dashboard. (As a side note, learn more about the new Square Register here.)

In the left-side panel, click Virtual Terminal, then Take a Payment. Enter the payment amount followed by your customer’s card number, expiration date, CVV, and billing ZIP code. Add a note for your customer, or describe the purchase. Then, click Charge. You can send an email receipt to your customer, or print one out for your records. Once you see Payment Successful on screen, you’re all set. Payments you take with Virtual Terminal appear as card transactions in your Sales reports. In your Transaction Status Report, the source appears as Virtual Terminal. You can edit your Employee Management settings to grant employees access to Virtual Terminal. Start by clicking Employees, located in the left-side panel of your Square Dashboard. You need at least one employee in your employee list. To give an employee access to Virtual Terminal, click the name of the employee whose permissions you’d like to update.

Then, click Edit Role. If it has not been checked off already, toggle on Access Employee Dashboard. Check Take Payments with Virtual Terminal. Then, click Save. After you grant an employee access to Virtual Terminal, they receive an email with instructions on how to use it. Employees can only see account information that you have granted them access to. Whether it’s you or your employees taking payments, Virtual Terminal helps your business get paid fast—no matter where your customers are..


How to accept credit card payments anywhere using your mobile phone

Square reader and Square was the very first reader to enter the space and you can see if you look at the picture here, itís a little dongle basically that plugs into your iPhone earbud port and you can swipe a credit card right through there and it will come up with an app on your phone. You can type in the amount of the transaction and process a transaction right then and there. So Square kind of launched this space about a year, year and a half ago. Since that time, a couple of competitors have come out. Intuit has come out with a service called GoPayment. You can see their dongle also fits right into the headphone jack of a mobile phone and you can see the app, how that works and they can even sign it right on the phone. Then a third one has come out called Pay Anywhere. The exact same philosophy that you can run a credit card transaction right from your mobile phone. So the three service providers are Squre, Go Payment and Pay Anywhere. Here is more about mobile payments from other providers.

Now another cool feature about these is that you donít have to have the credit card with you or that your customer doesnít have to have a credit card with them. If they know the number or if you happen to be ñ letís say youíre writing in your vehicle. Not driving. Very important. Youíre writing in your vehicle and you get a phone call from somebody and they want to buy a product or service from you right then and there. Great! Get their credit card number and you can key in their credit card information right there on your mobile phone and boom, their card is charged.

Transaction is processed and you can provide the product or service that they are looking to buy. So these are very, very cool solutions. If you go to a retail store, youíre used to running your card through a slot. Usually itís kind of a big machine and it has a printer attached to it. This is just basically the same thing, only itís very small. You can see with the Square, itís kind of a sexy-looking little square. The GoPayment is kind of a curved model. Itís very small, very lightweight. You can keep it in your briefcase, keep it in your glove box, whatever, and process credit cards that way. Now, of the three options, which one is best for you? Well, thatís a really, really good question. So what I did is I broke down the three options so that you can take a look at the differences on the two from a pricing standpoint mostly but also just a little bit from a services standpoint.

So letís just take a look at the screen real quick. You can see that Square has a no monthly fee and itís a percent charge if you swipe the card. If you key in the card, itís a percent transaction fee plus 15 cents. Now one thing about the Square is that it only works on iPhones, iPads and Androids. No monthly fee. GoPayment has two different options for your use. If youíre low volume and youíre doing less than $1000 a month, then they have a percent transaction fee for swiped payments and a percent transaction fee for keyed payments but they donít have that little 15 cents onto it and no monthly fee or if you know youíre going to be doing more than $1,000 a month on a regular basis, then it might make sense for you to go with their high volume account and that is a $a month fee but it lowers your transaction fees substantially by a whole point. percent for swiped and percent for non-swiped. So that might be pretty helpful for you if youíre doing some decent volumes. The other thing about the GoPayment is that it does work on BlackBerry so itís the only one of the three that does work on BlackBerry at this time.

So if you use a BlackBerry and youíre planning on using a BlackBerry for some time, GoPayment is probably your only option. If youíre on an iPhone, you can use any of them. The last one is Pay Anywhere and Pay Anywhere is also a no-monthly fee. Theyíre at percent of the transaction plus 19-cent transaction fee and percent if itís keyed in plus 19-cent transaction fee. So, mathematically, theyíre kind of close on the swiped with Square, actually with both of them. Theyíre very, very close. So what you want to look at, something else thatís very interesting on GoPayment is that if you use QuickBooks, GoPayment is actually built by Intuit and they have very good QuickBooks integration. So when you do your transaction, you can hit a button and it automatically integrates that transaction right into your QuickBooks which can be very, very helpful if you use that particular accounting platform to keep track of all your transactions. So there you have it. Those are the three main mobile payment providers, Square, GoPayment and Pay Anywhere. Iíve got my GoPayment unit on its way.

It should be here in the next couple of days and I will never again miss out on collecting a transaction immediately when Iíve got a customer standing there wanting to give me money. Now if you have used any of these payment providers and you have a story you would like to tell us, I would love for you to raise your hand and come on the line and tell us or if you have any questions about these payment providers, please let me know.


Just what are Basis Points?

what are Basis Points? Basis points refer to an usual device of measure for rate of interest and also various other portions in money. One basis point amounts to 1/100th of 1%, or 0.01%. Payment processors will often price their services in terms of percentages or basis points. You might see a payment processor list their pricing as 2.5% or 250bps or 250BPS. This means that 2.5% of your sales will be fees that go into the payment processor’s pocket. In other words, if you sell $100 of merchandise to a customer, 2.5% or 250bps of $100 will be the fee that you will pay the payment processor. This will be $2.5 for every $100 that you sell. To figure out this quickly feel free to use our basis point calculator below. You can learn more here.

Just what are Basis Point?Basis point refer to an usual device of measure for rate of interest and also various other portions in money. One basis point amounts to 1/100th of 1%, or 0.01%, as well as is utilized to signify the portion adjustment in an economic instrument. The relationship between percentage modifications as well as basis factors can be summarized as complies with: 1% modification = 100 basis points, and 0.01% = 1 basis point. The basis point is generally utilized for determining adjustments in rates of interest, equity indexes and the yield of a fixed-income safety. It prevails for bonds and car loans to be quoted in basis point terms. It could be stated that the rates of interest supplied by your financial institution is 50 basis factors above LIBOR. A bond whose return boosts from 5% to 5.5% is stated to boost by 50 basis factors; or rates of interest that have risen 1% are claimed to have raised by 100 basis factors. Or, if the Federal Reserve Board elevates the target rate of interest by 25 basis points, it indicates that prices have actually risen by 0.25% portion points. If prices went to 2.50%, and the Fed elevated them by 0.25%, or 25 basis points, the brand-new rate of interest would certainly be 2.75%. By utilizing basis factors in discussion, investors and analysts get rid of several of the ambiguity that could emerge when discussing points in portion relocations. If a financial instrument is priced at a 10% rate of interest and the price experiences an increase of 10%, it could conceivably imply that it is currently 10% x = 11% OR it could also imply 10% 10% = 20%. The intent of the declaration is vague. Use basis factors in this situation makes the meaning noticeable: if the instrument is priced at a 10% rate of interest and experiences a 100 bp go up, it is currently 11%. The 20% result would certainly occur if there were rather a 1,000 bp step. The “Basis” in basis point comes from the base action in between 2 portions, or the spread between 2 rate of interest. Since the modifications taped are normally slim, as well as because tiny changes could have outsized end results, the “Basis” is a fraction of a percent.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is a subsidiary of the internet store Amazon Payments may be the only payment provider that got it’s start as an online retail merchant. For eCommerce merchants, the service allows clients to complete purchases, make contributions, as well as set up reoccuring payments on a seller’s internet site by paying through their Amazon Payments account. Widely known on-line stores currently making use of them include Monoprice as well as Merrell. They integrates with a variety of eCommerce providers, consisting of Magento as well as Shopify. The main feature is Login and Pay with Amazon, which changes older services Checkout by Amazon as well as Amazon Simple Pay. On the bonus side, Amazon Payments is easy to carry out as well as has mostly favorable evaluations. When a client completes a purchase at your shop using Amazon Payments, they’ll have the ability to gain access to Amazon’s popular A-to-z Guarantee and 1-Click delivery options. They have actually settled several of their older, different services right into a single ecommerce solution: Login as well as Pay with Amazon. Amazon Payments gives a collection of standardized payment buttons that you can include in your website. Amazon Payments is still supporting Checkout by Amazon, but new customer registrations are no longer being approved as well as customers will not be able to place orders after April 1, 2017. If you’re still using this old service, you need to call Amazon Payments to see about updating to Login and also Pay with Amazon. Regardless of its evident appeal, they stopped approving new consumers on October 30, 2015. They additionally have a reputable existence on social media sites, with energetic accounts on Facebook as well as Twitter. They provide businesses a number of various ways to inform themselves concerning the solution or to obtain in touch if issues or questions turn up. The Amazon Payments site includes a comprehensive Support section, with many subjects for consumers, merchants, and developers. The web site additionally includes a Merchant Tools web page, with payment buttons for incorporating Amazon Payments with your vendor web site. The Amazon Payments Documentation page features Integration Guides, SDKs, as well as various other sources in order to help you get set up. The Amazon Services Seller Forum has an payments category including countless discussions about utilizing Login and also Pay with Amazon. Learn more here.

BluePay Account Updater

Company: BluePay

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Products: Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce Payments

Account Updater Summary

Did you know 30% of credit cards experience some type of change annually? Cards may expire, become lost or stolen, be upgraded, or closed. If your business offers recurring billing, subscription services, or loyalty programs for your repeat customers, chances are their stored credit card information will change at some point in time for any of these reasons. Whatever the case, we can help you autoupdate this information and maintain a seamless payment experience for both you and your customers. Reduce the risk of lost revenue by automatically keeping payment information current. Improve customer retention by preventing disruptions to service or subscription cancellations. Using Account Updater is a simple and smart way to increase your revenue, reduce costs, and retain customers.

Do you do recurring billing?

Have you thought about automatic invoicing services, but uncertain where to start? Allow us show you ways to set up persisting payments with the credit card account updater solution. BluePay’s automatic payment service will aid you handle persisting payments. Your customers will certainly thanks for streamlining the payment experience and so will your savings account as you see a constant cash flow from on-time payments.

BluePay will work with you to determine a monthly schedule that fits with your recurring card payment cycles. BluePay submits the data to the card brands for verification against their databases. These databases are continuously updated by participating card issuers when cardholder information changes. Visa Account Updater, Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater, or Discover Account Updater then return a response back to BluePay with the credit card update, including account numbers, expiration dates, closed account notices, or brand migration between Visa and Mastercard to name a few. BluePay automatically updates the information within the gateway and provides you with a notification that changes have been made. The updater service works seamlessly behind the scenes, so there is no additional work on your part except reaping the benefits and growing your business. Whether you offer a monthly subscription service or use recurring payment solutions for your business, you know how frustrating it can be to see these transactions get declined. Account updater service reduces that stress and helps you stay in the black. No longer will you have to wait for customers to update their information, which could potentially lead to canceled services and subscriptions, and ultimately loss of customer relationships. You’ll save time and reduce costs by not having to hire collection services or staff to manually update account information, which also minimizes PCI scope by reducing staff contact with payment data. Most importantly, you’ll see an increase in revenue, as you receive payments on time from valid, accurate credit cards. Have you considered automated billing services, but not sure where to start? Let us show you how to set up recurring payments with the credit card account updater service. BluePay’s automatic billing service will help you manage recurring payments. Your customers will thank you for simplifying the payment experience and so will your bank account as you see a steady cash flow from on-time payments.

Account Updater Keeps Subscription Revenue

Did you know 30% of bank card experience some type of modification annually? Cards could expire, end up being lost or swiped, be updated, or shut. If your business offers recurring invoicing, membership services, or loyalty programs for your repeat clients, opportunities are their installment plan card details will certainly alter at some time in time for any one of these factors. Whatever the case, we can assist you autoupdate this info and keep a smooth payment experience for both you and your clients.

Increase successful transactions and prevent costs for declined consents
Enhance client retention by stopping interruptions to service or subscription terminations

How does Account Updater work?

Utilizing Account Updater is a straightforward and wise means to raise your income, decrease prices, and retain clients. BluePay will certainly collaborate with you to determine a monthly timetable that fits with your repeating card payment cycles. BluePay submits the data to the card brand names (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) for verification versus their data sources. These data sources are continuously updated by getting involved card companies when cardholder details modifications. Visa Account Updater, Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater, or Discover Account Updater then return a response back to BluePay with the credit card upgrade, including account numbers, expiry dates, closed account notifications, or brand movement in between Visa and also Mastercard among others. BluePay automatically updates the information within the entrance as well as offers you with a notice that changes have actually been made. The updater solution functions perfectly behind the scenes, so there is no extra work on your component except profiting and also expanding your business.

Benefits of Using Account Updater

Whether you use a monthly membership solution or usage recurring payment solutions for your company, you know just how frustrating it can be to see these purchases obtain decreased. Account updater service decreases that stress and anxiety and helps you remain in the black. Not will certainly you need to wait on consumers to update their information, which can potentially bring about canceled services as well as registrations, and eventually loss of customer connections. You’ll conserve time and also minimize prices by not needing to employ collection services or personnel to by hand update account info, which additionally decreases PCI scope by decreasing personnel contact with payment data. Most notably, you’ll see a boost in revenue, as you obtain payments on schedule from valid, precise bank card.

Learn more here.

BluePay E-Commerce

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Products: Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce Payments

Bluepay E-Commerce

Bluepay E-Commerce helps merchants accept bank card online with safe shopping payment gateways as well as services that make approving electronic payments fast, easy and secure.

Obtain accessibility to the latest ingenious technology on the BluePay Gateway like Apple Pay, PayPal, as well as JavaScript Encryption
Rise online sales by accepting credit cards, debit cards and also ACH payments on your site
Choose from a wide range of purchasing carts as well as ecommerce platforms right into which BluePay flawlessly incorporates for fast, safe purchases
Abide by PCI DSS requirements to secure on-line information

Online Shopping Payment Processing
Shopping online safely and also successfully is as simple as ever, especially when merchants take advantage of BluePay’s e-commerce credit card processing services. Now, approving credit cards online– in addition to other payment kinds– is simply a mouse click away. Our secure shopping payment entrance enables you to accept major bank card, debit cards and also ACH payments for quickly, safe and secure Internet deals, with always-low prices that significantly lower expenses. Validating accounts is instant and also very easy, increasing your online sales and also increasing capital today. Basic, rapid site credit card processing tailored to your service– BluePay makes it possible. Learn more here.

BluePay Mobile Payments

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Products: Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce Payments

Blue Mobile Payments Processing

With BluePay’s mobile credit card processing services for Android, iPhone and iPad, you could accept payments anywhere.

Mobile payment processing for all significant credit card, debit card and also ACH transactions
Encrypted EMV card readers to keep delicate payment data off your tool
Accept credit card payments wherever your business takes you

Mobile Payments with Bluepay

With BluePay’s mobile credit card processing remedies for Android, iPhone and also iPad, you can accept payments anywhere as well as absolutely boost simplicity of use and expense efficiency.

Mobile payment processing for all significant credit card, debit card as well as ACH purchases
Encrypted EMV card viewers to keep delicate payment information off your device
Remain connected, approve credit card payments as well as boost sales regardless of where your business takes you

The quick advancements in mobile modern technology have enabled customers to go shopping online and make payments using mobile budget applications. Mobile credit card processing is currently much more available, convenient as well as safe and secure. With BluePay’s innovative mobile seller account options as well as SwipeSimple EMV card viewers, sellers could approve significant credit cards, debit cards and even checks from their smart device or tablet computer. Processing purchases making use of the SwipeSimple mobile application could assist to enhance customer care as well as rise sales anywhere your company takes you.

Mobile credit card processing is fast and also very easy! Bluepay mobile processing products allow sellers to enter credit card details, handle accounts and also reporting and also send receipts with e-mail– all from the ease of their mobile phones or tablet computers. Conformity with stringent PCI requirements as well as safety and security remedies such as chip card functionality, point-to-point encryption as well as tokenization help in reducing the threat of endangered data. No credit card data is ever before stored on your gadget, so you could accept bank card safely anywhere you go.


SwipeSimple is a sophisticated mobile payment option that allows you to quickly accept as well as process credit card purchases on the go.

As opposed to carrying around a large POS terminal to that next meeting, SwipeSimple just requires an Android or IOS application and a little viewers add-on that fits straight into your smart phone or tablet.

Whether you’re holding exhibition or participating in off-site occasions, you’ll never have to avert another sale. As long as you have a wise gadget, a connection and SwipeSimple, you’re in organisation.

The best part is, this minimal configuration functions right out of package. To much better understand exactly how very easy it is to get begun with SwipeSimple, make sure to review this cost-free individual overview for iOS. Setting up your Android gadget is equally as simple.


Bluepay collaborates with SwipeSimple days to the summer season of 2016– nearly one year after the Payment Card Industry introduced responsibility guidelines governing EMV bank card.

Retail vendors who do not update their payment environments for these more safe and secure chip-enabled cards run the risk of paying significant penalties if their shops are hit with fraudulent charges.

Yet becoming EMV-ready has actually proven challenging for those who count on traditional mobile credit card processing. A lot of wise tool POS visitors just permit swipe-and-sign payments. Although such mobile solutions are convenient, vendors and clients utilizing them continue to be revealed to information burglary.

Created by CardFlight, SwipeSimple is one of minority services permitting retailers to take advantage of EMV card protection includes directly through portable gadgets. By utilizing this technology, Bluepay clients can:

Accept payments on the move

Quit retail scams in its tracks.
Nonetheless, the advantages do not stop there.

Integrating BluePay’s PCI-compliant payment safety and security with SwipeSimple’s EMV modern technology not only helps reduce credit card fraudulence in your store– however it could assist you generate extra sales.

There are several methods to expand an effective company, but switching to EMV-enabled mobile credit card processing is an approach that supplies a number of profit-generating advantages. Many thanks to the sophisticated safety and security protection that this one-of-a-kind pairing deals, you can:.

Decline out-of-pocket losses resulting from fraud
Avoid vindictive responsibility fees for not being EMV-ready.
Save time by not needing to conflict as many charges.
Increase customer self-confidence in your payment environment.