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Alternatives to Square 2017

If you’re a business who sells face to face to customers, it’s likely you’ve heard of Square and the Square Reader. Square gives small businesses a way to swipe credit cards and take payments from customers. It’s a massive innovation because before Square, small businesses needed to buy expensive point-of-sale equipment. We located about 6 other alternatives to Square that you might want to consider. First let’s summarize what you get when you go with Square. Square charges the merchant 2.75% of each transaction. So every time you swipe a credit card Square takes 2.75%.Square payments are processed by Chase Paymentech. Square offers little in the way of customer service. Square gets you mobile card readers, POS and online payments.

There are alternatives to Square.
In some cases these Alternatives to Square do better. PayPal Here provides more functions and a general superior customer experience when as compared to Square, or as compared to a lot of any standalone mobile processing service. While the other Clover POS systems needs you to buy proprietary equipment, Clover Go allows you use an apple iphone or Android phone, similar to Square. The expense of Clover Go’s EMV-compliant earphone jack card reader varies somewhat depending on the reseller, however you should have the ability to obtain it for less than $100. What makes Clover Go better compared to Square? The major advantage of Clover Go compared with Square is that you obtain a real merchant account with Clover Go. Square puts in you in shared merchant account or a pool of other merchants. This may not matter because Square has many merchants and a few bad apples won’t cause problems with the rest of the group. Unlike Square you’ll get the benefits of a merchant account. Unlike Square, Intuit GoPayment provides you your own merchant account. Intuit GoPayment has extra innovative features compared to Square, including QuickBooks integration. You get one complimentary card reader and also extra ones are $79. Learn more about about Square Alternatives here.

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