Authorize.Net offers a lot of features such as subscription or recurring billing, fraud prevention, a checkout system, and customer data storage. Here is our review.

Customer Data: Customer data storage option is for shipping addresses and payment information so that your customers won’t have to reenter the same information time and again when they make a purchase from you. This is good if you’re selling to customers who do not use credit cards. This allows customers without credit cards to purchase from you using their checking account. It’s common sense that customer are more likely to shop if they don’t have to re-enter their payment info every time they check out. Your customers can store multiple shipping locations and payment methods. A $25 fee for chargebacks is when a customer disputes a transaction. You’ll probably be able to find your solution without calling customer service. Customer Information Manager or CIM enables you to move your customer data. Net CIM extension is a custom e-commerce payment solution to allow for stored billing data on Authorize. This powers faster checkout and repeat orders easier for customers and merchants. Customers or administrators can manage their card data to add, edit or remove cards.

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