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Blue Mobile Payments Processing

With BluePay’s mobile credit card processing services for Android, iPhone and iPad, you could accept payments anywhere.

Mobile payment processing for all significant credit card, debit card and also ACH transactions
Encrypted EMV card readers to keep delicate payment data off your tool
Accept credit card payments wherever your business takes you

Mobile Payments with Bluepay

With BluePay’s mobile credit card processing remedies for Android, iPhone and also iPad, you can accept payments anywhere as well as absolutely boost simplicity of use and expense efficiency.

Mobile payment processing for all significant credit card, debit card as well as ACH purchases
Encrypted EMV card viewers to keep delicate payment information off your device
Remain connected, approve credit card payments as well as boost sales regardless of where your business takes you

The quick advancements in mobile modern technology have enabled customers to go shopping online and make payments using mobile budget applications. Mobile credit card processing is currently much more available, convenient as well as safe and secure. With BluePay’s innovative mobile seller account options as well as SwipeSimple EMV card viewers, sellers could approve significant credit cards, debit cards and even checks from their smart device or tablet computer. Processing purchases making use of the SwipeSimple mobile application could assist to enhance customer care as well as rise sales anywhere your company takes you.

Mobile credit card processing is fast and also very easy! Bluepay mobile processing products allow sellers to enter credit card details, handle accounts and also reporting and also send receipts with e-mail– all from the ease of their mobile phones or tablet computers. Conformity with stringent PCI requirements as well as safety and security remedies such as chip card functionality, point-to-point encryption as well as tokenization help in reducing the threat of endangered data. No credit card data is ever before stored on your gadget, so you could accept bank card safely anywhere you go.


SwipeSimple is a sophisticated mobile payment option that allows you to quickly accept as well as process credit card purchases on the go.

As opposed to carrying around a large POS terminal to that next meeting, SwipeSimple just requires an Android or IOS application and a little viewers add-on that fits straight into your smart phone or tablet.

Whether you’re holding exhibition or participating in off-site occasions, you’ll never have to avert another sale. As long as you have a wise gadget, a connection and SwipeSimple, you’re in organisation.

The best part is, this minimal configuration functions right out of package. To much better understand exactly how very easy it is to get begun with SwipeSimple, make sure to review this cost-free individual overview for iOS. Setting up your Android gadget is equally as simple.


Bluepay collaborates with SwipeSimple days to the summer season of 2016– nearly one year after the Payment Card Industry introduced responsibility guidelines governing EMV bank card.

Retail vendors who do not update their payment environments for these more safe and secure chip-enabled cards run the risk of paying significant penalties if their shops are hit with fraudulent charges.

Yet becoming EMV-ready has actually proven challenging for those who count on traditional mobile credit card processing. A lot of wise tool POS visitors just permit swipe-and-sign payments. Although such mobile solutions are convenient, vendors and clients utilizing them continue to be revealed to information burglary.

Created by CardFlight, SwipeSimple is one of minority services permitting retailers to take advantage of EMV card protection includes directly through portable gadgets. By utilizing this technology, Bluepay clients can:

Accept payments on the move

Quit retail scams in its tracks.
Nonetheless, the advantages do not stop there.

Integrating BluePay’s PCI-compliant payment safety and security with SwipeSimple’s EMV modern technology not only helps reduce credit card fraudulence in your store– however it could assist you generate extra sales.

There are several methods to expand an effective company, but switching to EMV-enabled mobile credit card processing is an approach that supplies a number of profit-generating advantages. Many thanks to the sophisticated safety and security protection that this one-of-a-kind pairing deals, you can:.

Decline out-of-pocket losses resulting from fraud
Avoid vindictive responsibility fees for not being EMV-ready.
Save time by not needing to conflict as many charges.
Increase customer self-confidence in your payment environment.

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