Credit Card Machines: Why you need them.

If you’re in any kind of retail business you’ll need a credit card terminal. Credit card machines allow you to accept payments from your customers. If you look around at any restaurant, gas station, or retail store you’ll likely find an Ingenico or Verifone credit card terminal when you pay your bill. Let’s talk first about what credit card terminals do. Read the credit card number and the additional information on your customer’s credit card. Transmit the credit card information to your payment processor in a secure manner. What do credit card terminals cost? They can be several hundred dollars. In the old days just a few years ago, the customer swiped their credit card and the machine read the magnetic stripe. Your customer will simply slide their card through the slot. The machine reads the credit card number and additional information. Chip and Pin credit cards became available a while ago. The customer inserts the chip portion of their card into a slot and waits. The wait is for the machine to communicate with the chip and pull back the card number from the chip. Your credit card reader will read the customers credit card. So you want to be ready and make sure this is part of your credit card reader. There are four things the credit card reader needs to do to send the credit card information. Encrypt the credit card number of your customer’s credit cardSend or transmit the credit card number over the internet or a dial-up connectionDetect if the internet is available or not. Receive a response from your payment processor as to whether the credit card is good or not. You’ll need to ask them for what credit card terminals work with their register. Your cash register manufacturer may want to sell you credit card readers. Here are the things you need to do to start accepting credit card payments.

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