Square vs. PayPal

Square vs. PayPal Comparison

square card readerPayPal claims more than 170 million active accounts, though obviously not all of them are PayPal Here users. Both Square vs PayPal Here have a hefty share of the mobile payment market and instant recognizability for consumers, and they have many similar offerings. Square vs PayPal Here are both mobile payment services, requiring just a cell phone or tablet to accept credit cards. You can send your customers digital receipts from either PayPal Here or Square. Here’s one area where Square outshines PayPal Here: Square’s EMV readers are far less expensive: the basic model runs for $30; the model with NFC capabilities as well runs for $49. By comparison, PayPal offers a single EMV reader with NFC built infor $150. You can get a $100 rebate if you process $3,000 in 3 months, but it’s still quite telling that Square’s reader at full price is the same as PayPal’s reader if you qualify for the rebate. While the cost of hardware is notably different, Square and PayPal Here do offer similar prices for credit card processing. The main advantage to PayPal is how quickly your money is available: Any mobile payments you accept are available almost instantly in your PayPal account. If you don’t have the PayPal debit card, or you prefer to route all your funds to your bank account, Square has the advantage. If your business is growing, PayPal Here offers special pricing for merchants whose volume exceeds $3,000 in transactions per month. Previously, both Square and PayPal Here had limits on the amount of keyed in transactions you could process before triggering a hold – $2,500 for PayPal Here, and $2,000 for Square. One of the advantages to both Square and PayPal Here is that there’s no contract, no monthly fees, no termination fees. In general, both Square and PayPal Here deliver what they offer: an effective mobile payment solution with up-front pricing and no hidden fees. That said, some of the policies for both services could be spelled out more clearly, a topic we touched on in our reviews of Square and PayPal Here. PayPal Here support goes through the main PayPal system. PayPal Hub Home: Start here to get all your questions answered. PayPal Community Forum: Get answers from other PayPal users. Sorting through the mess of complaints for Square and PayPal Here can be daunting. Normally we’d consult the BBB, but all complaints about PayPal Here are routed through PayPal’s main page, which makes it a little bit difficult. Learn more here.

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