Star Micronics TSP100/143 Receipt Printer Review

We’re doing a presentation on the Star TSP100 series thermal receipt printer. This is actually the Star TSP143, and this is a USB one that we have right here. It’s also available in Ethernet and other interfaces, wireless as well. The nice thing about this receipt printer is it’s actually one of the fastest thermal receipt printers on the market today. It’s 250 millimeters/second print speed, which is very fast indeed. Learn more here.

In addition to that, it comes with a four year warranty and it also comes with a very innovative utility that comes standard with it at no additional charge that allows you to compress the font size on the receipts. This will actually over time save on paper and of course your costs for receipts over a period of a year or more. It also allows you to add logos and other designs to the receipt. This is nice to have in case your point of sale software program is inadequate in these areas to be able to allow you to do a customized receipt. As you can see here with the receipt printer, we have a standard feed button and you have your error light and of course your power on and off indicator as well. So one other thing too about the receipt printer is that the interface type is hot swappable, so that means that this particular printer is USB…

But let’s just say later on down the road you may need to have an Ethernet interface for this printer and have it be a network printer; you can easily purchase an Ethernet card, take out the USB one that’s in there now and upgrade your printer to an Ethernet interface at nominal cost. So we’re just going to do a quick transaction here so you can see the speed of this Star TSP100 series printer. Let’s put this in here… so as you can see here… it also has an auto cutter feature in there as well. By the way ,so I think you probably saw that where the paper was cut, it cuts it up to about here in the corner, and you can just easily remove it.

This is your receipt right here. As you can see here you can also print barcodes, and as I mentioned earlier with the standard utility that comes with this if you wanted to save on paper you can compress the size of the font smaller so your receipt will be less, thus, saving paper over a period of time. This receipt printer is economically priced in regards to other printers that are on the market that are direct competitors, so we highly recommend this printer for the overall value functionality and also the 4-year warranty, which is also pretty much unheard of. Most thermal receipt printers are only about one or two years, so four years is outstanding.