Using a Receipt Printer with Square for Android

Today we’re going to be talking about receipt printers you can use with Square for Android. So the receipt printers you can use are Star Micronics USB interface receipt printers, and Star Micronics Ethernet interface receipt printers. The one we have here is the TSP100, it’s been replaced by the TSP100III, and we have the USB interface version. To use it with your tablet or phone with Square, all you need to do is use a micro USB to USB adapter, you plug that in to the micro USB port on your tablet, and then you take the USB cable from your printer and you’ll plug it in to the adapter, and then Square will recognize it and it will say “Star printer has been connected” and then when you’re in Square and you have an order and you want to check out and charge the customer, you can go ahead and charge them, and if you want to print a receipt, it’ll go ahead and print a receipt for you. You can learn more here.