Are you a High Risk Merchant? If so, there is a solution.

High Risk Merchants

One kind of business or merchant that some payment gateways charge high fees is the “High risk merchant.” So what’s a high risk merchant? Are you a high risk merchant? Read on please.

High Risk merchants are businesses that sell things that payment processors, credit cards and banks consider to be risky. Generally if you’re selling something in the list below you are considered a high risk merchant.

    1-800 type chat sites


    Pornographic merchants


    Automotive brokers

    Business opportunities

    Casino, gambling or gaming

    Check cashing services

    Cigarette or electronic-cigarette sales or nicotine cartridges

    Credit or debt repair

    Credit counseling

    Credit protection

    Debt consolidation

    Drug paraphernalia

    Fantasy sports websites

    Financial planning


    International merchants

    International shipping

    Poor credit

    Prepaid debit cards

    Tour operators

    Travel services

    Travel agencies

    Travel clubs

    Vacation planners

    Vacation rentals

    Vitamin and supplement sales

    Weapons of any kind

What are Chargebacks?

How is this associated with being a high risk merchant? Chargebacks are when your customer requests a refund from their credit card because of a problem. You, the merchant, can dispute the customer’s request. For you now you should know that high chargeback merchants and high chargeback businesses are considered high risk.

How to manage your high risk merchant business.

If you are a high risk merchant you need to run your business very tightly. What you need in your website as a high risk merchant. How to find the best deal for payment processing as a high risk merchant account.

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