Square Stand for iPad iPad 2

Square Stand for Ipad 2 – Accept magstripe cards – swipe the stripe. Use the built-in long track reader to swipe magstripe cards as long as your customers are carrying them. Simple pricing pay 2.75 percent per swipe, dip, or Tap for VISA, MasterCard, discover, and American express—no Surprise fees. Fast deposits Square sends deposits directly to your bank account in one to two business days—or you can enable instant deposit for 1 percent per deposit to get your money in seconds. Stylish, durable, and customer-friendly design the glossy white molded plastic exterior Plus metal skeleton interior is durable but stylish. The Square stand tilts and swivels for ideal viewing angles, allowing customers to Sign for purchases on your iPad.

  • Transform an iPad into a complete point of sale – Square stand is the simple, stylish, and secure iPad point-of-sale. Accept all kinds of payments, connect hardware, and speed up your checkout
  • Plug in, take payments – connect an iPad, download the free Square register app, and plug in hardware. Your point of sale is ready-no service visits or complicated instructions required
  • Attach hardware instantly – Square stand comes allows you to easily add a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar Code scanner, and the Square contact less and chip reader
  • Refer the PDF attached for Troubleshooting Steps and User Manual


​The Square Stand ​pivots, so you can have Sԛuare facing you, and after that if you need the customer to ​point to something, it rotates back as well. It has a ​credit card swipe reader in the front that's builtin. The newer versions also include an NFC reader that additionally has a chip ​reader in it, so you can take chip payments like EMV and NFC payments like Apple Pay​. 

​Connecting Accessories

​To connect accessories to your Sԛuare stand such as your receipt printer or your barcode scanner, whatever attach via this USB port here that's connected to the Square Stand. It has 3 USB ports, so you can link three accessories, but right now we just have two, which is the receipt printer and also the barcode scanner. So why would you think about obtaining the square stand as opposed to using the complimentary Sԛuare card reader?​

​The Sԛuare Stand is truly wonderful for ​getting started and setting things up.  It's extremely very easy, every little thing integrates with that USB port we were looking at, it's extremely easy, you plug every little thing in and it all jobs, and also the peripherals are going to be a lot less costly. USB interface peripherals are going to be less expensive than the Ethernet ones or the Bluetooth ones or whatever you're making use of with the Square card visitor. 

One drawback to the Sԛuare Stand though is if later on you wind up not wanting to make use of Sԛuare, you intend to change to Shopkeep or something, every one of your USB peripherals aren't going to be able to work with it.

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