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Products: Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce Payments

Authorize.Net Summary feesAuthorize.Net ( has been offering payment gateway services to merchants for a very long time. They have been operating since 1996 and this is a good thing because 20 years in business means that they know their business. More importantly Authorize.Net knows how to service merchants of all shapes and sizes. fees are generally reasonable and several features are no charge. Check their prices here.


Here are 7 great things about Authorize.Net

  1. They have been in business since 1996.
  2. Ecommerce Payment Features: Authorize.Net offers a lot of features such as subscription or recurring billing, fraud prevention, a checkout system, and customer data storage.
  3. Customer Data: Customer data storage option is for shipping addresses and payment information so that your customers won’t have to reenter the same information time and again when they make a purchase from you. This can make purchasing from you simpler and easier.
  4. E-Checks: also takes checking accounts or e-check payments online. This is good if you’re selling to customers who do not use credit cards. Although in the US this is not a common situation.
  5. Virtual terminal with a USB card reader: This allows merchants to avoid the hassle of dealing with a credit card machine while still qualifying for swiped interchange rates when poss. You’ll have to buy a reader to qualify for swiped rates, but they currently sell for approximately $10 or less. Check prices here.
  6. Ecommerce Integration: If you’re using any of these solutions such as Big Commerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Open Cart, Volusion, WordPress, or Magento, integration with Authorize.Net is easy. Plugins or configurations are available. You’ll upload the plugin and enter your merchant information. Then you’re good to go. There are many more ecommerce solutions that work with Authorize.Net and we’ve listed them all below.
  7. Authorize.Net Fees: The fees are reasonable and have several features including subscription payments at no additional charge.

If you’ve read enough or you’re in a hurry click the button to look at the sign up process and consider signing up. Signing up for Authorize.Net is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Countries where offers Services

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, most of Europe, and Australia

Products, Services and Features

Virtual Terminal/Point of Sale

The virtual terminal allow you to accept payments from any internet-connected computer. Authorize.Net has the additional benefit of being compatible with certain USB cad readers, which allows you to qualify for swiped interchange rates when the card is present. This means that you can turn your computer into a fully-functional point of sale with no loss of interchange savings.

Mobile Payments App

The app is functional and reliable. The card reader isn’t free but it’s just $10.

eCheck Processing

Unlike credit and debit transactions – you don’t actually need a merchant account to process e-checks. You can do this with just an Authorize.Net account and nothing more. This allows customers without credit cards to purchase from you using their checking account.

Simple Checkout

Simple Checkout works well for accepting donations and for merchants that generally sell one item per order. You can customize up to 10 shipping options, which is a nice touch. It’s as simple as copying and pasting some HTML code.

Multiple User Accounts

You can set up multiple user accounts, each with different permissions.

Fraud Prevention

Authorize.Net provides you with fraud prevention filters that you are free to customize to suit your needs. This allows users to automatically reject certain types of payments that might be high-risk. There are no additional fees for this.

Recurring/Subscription Billing

There is standard fixed-price automatic subscription billing. This also includes the ability to customize trial periods and pricing.

Customer Information Manager

It’s common sense that customer are more likely to shop if they don’t have to re-enter their payment info every time they check out. This information manager does just that. Your customers can store multiple shipping locations and payment methods.This also works for dynamic recurring billing, necessary if you bill your recurring/subscription-based customers different amounts or on different days each month, like for usage-based payments like for utility companies or pay-as-you-go cell phones.

Authorize.Net Fees

Authorize.Net allows you to purchase gateway use only, or combine it with a merchant account. If you choose to set up your merchant account directly through Authorize.Net, they will forward you to one of their partners.
Check their prices here. Fees

Setup Fee – $49.00
Monthly Gateway Fee – $25.00
Transaction Fee – $0.10
Batch Fee – $0.10

Payment Gateway and the Merchant Account:
Setup Fee – $49
Monthly Gateway Fee – $25
Processing Fee – 2.9% + $0.30
Other fees include:

A $25 fee for chargebacks is when a customer disputes a transaction. There is also a 1.5% for purchases made with credit cards issued outside the US. You need to review your pricing terms and contract.

Authorize.Net Additional Services

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite – No charge
Automated Recurring Billing – No charge
Customer Information Manager – No charge
eCheck.Net – Varies

How Long is Your Contract?

There is no early termination fee, so you’ll never be locked into a contract. If you sign up for the gateway and merchant account combination through Authorize.Net, your account will come from Merchant Focus and will not include an early termination fee. But always read your contracts.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Authorize.Net offer self-service support tools including video tutorials and a knowledge base. You’ll probably be able to find your solution without calling customer service. You will do an log in by going to

If you want a human being to help you out, Authorize.Net has that for you with phone, chat, and email support offered weekdays from 5AM to 5PM Pacific time (closed major holidays).

Supported Platforms

Big Commerce, Shopify, Volusion, WordPress, Magento, and more. If you’re already using these platforms or plan to, you’ll be happy because the folks at Authorize.Net have this all figured out. Here are more details on the platforms that are supported.

3dcart Shopping Cart Software

3dcart is a complete hosted e-commerce solution for businesses of all sizes. It integrates with Authorize.Net’s Advanced Integration Method (AIM), eCheck.Net and Customer Information Manager (CIM). Customer Information Manager or CIM enables you to move your customer data.


Bigcommerce is a massively popular e-commerce platform that powers more than 40,000 stores. It is full solution including hosting and our review is located here.


Shopify helps over 45,000 individuals and businesses run beautiful online stores. Some of these include Amnesty International, Gatorade, Tesla Motors and more. Getting started with Shopify is easy and affordable. Read our Shopify review here.


Shopio is a next generation e-commerce platform that enables small- to medium-sized businesses to promote and sell their products online without any technical knowledge. Shopio is developed and run by IdeaSoft, a leading e-commerce provider that powers more than 10,000 online stores with nearly a decade of experience.


The Authorize.Net CIM extension is a custom e-commerce payment solution to allow for stored billing data on Authorize.Net servers rather than the Magento platform. This powers faster checkout and repeat orders easier for customers and merchants. Customers or administrators can manage their card data to add, edit or remove cards. The module includes support for expired card notification that reminds users to update their card information before they expire. It works with Magento Community and the Enterprise Magento version.

WordPress Plugin

In a nutshell, this WordPress shopping cart plugin allows you to sell any type of digital products and services from your WordPress-powered site securely and with complete automation. Another choice is the WooCommerce plugin below.


WooCommerce is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. Powered by WordPress and built by WooThemes, WooCommerce allows you to sell anything online—beautifully. You can integrate with Authorize.Net for payments, easily manage shipping methods and inventory, set up flexible tax rules, and view detailed store reports all from your WordPress dashboard.


Authorize.Net performs well. Their standard service is reliable, and their add-ons like mobile processing, virtual POS/terminal, e-check processing, fraud prevention filters and the simple checkout option are great. They offer many integration options to popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WordPress and more. Probably Authorize.Net offers more easy integrations than any other processor.

Another merchant services providers we recommend is CDGCommerce