EasyPayDirect Review

You may have heard of EasyPayDirect. It’s located in Austin, Texas. Here’s our evaluation of EasyPayDirect below. If you just want to go to the EasyPayDirect website, click here.

Quick Points

  • Company Name: EasyPayDirect
  • Location: Austin, Texas USA
  • Products: Credit card payments, virtual terminal, mobile payments, EMV credit card terminals, and a payment gateway
  • Speciality: High Risk Merchants
  • Fees: Easy to understand fees.
  • Website: https://www.EasyPayDirect.com/


EasyPayDirect is in Austin, Texas. EasyPayDirect makes getting started accepting credit card payments very simple. You can start with a virtual terminal which only needs a computer or smartphone. You can sell in your website. There is also a mobile phone application. Finally there is also credit card terminals. Here is more detail about the company and its products.

Products and Services

They have virtual terminal, mobile credit card processing, API, payment gateway, and online reporting. These are basic payment processing offerings and this is really all you need to accept credit card payments.

Virtual terminal

The EasyPayDirect virtual terminal has many things. It has online reporting, card processing, eChecks or ACH, and pre-authorizations. This terminal is also a mobile site and this means you can use it on your smartphone. If you’re selling over the phone or have some customers who visit your store, the virtual terminal may be right for you. It’s easy to get started with virtual terminal.


If your business needs to ensure that the customer has the available credit balance to be charged at a later date (e.g. rentals and deposits) you can do that on the virtual terminal. So if you’re renting boats, bicycles, beach umbrellas this is a useful feature. If you’re charging per hour for renting paddle boards, leasing property such as hotels or beach houses this feature is handy.

ACH e-check processing

e-checks, echecks, ACH or simply paying by checking account can be handy if your business has customers who don’t want to use a credit card.


EasyPayDirect just provides the documentation for their API. If you want to use their API to integrate to your website, for example, you’ll need to hire a developer. We’ve looked at their API and it is very straight forward and well documented. When an API is well documented and explained it’s much easier for an engineer to work with it. We think this is what EasyPayDirect had in mind when they wrote their documents.

Credit Card Terminals

emv credit card reader

EMV-compliant chip card machines

We see that EasyPayDirect is advertising EMV-compliant credit card terminals. There are the terminals where your customer inserts their credit card and the transaction is encrypted or secured with a computer chip in the card.

Terminal reprogramming

If you already have an up-to-date credit card machine, EasyPayDirect will reprogram it free of charge. That is a great deal and something quite rare in this industry. Normally a new payment processor will charge for reprogramming.


They offer a robust dashboard and reporting generation. You’ll be able to see your sales and the statuses of payments.

Gateway/Shopping cart

EasyPayDirect offers a gateway for internet merchants. And all fee and rates are already setup for you. If you’re not selling online you won’t need the payment gateway.

Mobile processing

square card reader

The mobile payments are perfect for any business that conducts business remotely or in a customer’s home. Typical small businesses include:

    • Contractors
    • House cleaners
    • Hair salons
    • Repair technicians
    • Lawn care companies
    • Home interior professionals
    • Mall kiosk operators

Fees and Rates:

EasyPayDirect has three pricing plans:

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee

There are no long term contractual commitments and no early termination fees. If you don’t like the service offered by EasyPayDirect, you can leave without penalty.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The EasyPayDirect website also offers live chat during business hour. Aside from that, few promises are made in terms of customer support.


Give EasyPayDirect a try. They make it easy to get started.

More Information about EasyPayDirect

In case you’d like more information here are more websites that explain EasyPayDirect.

Corporate Website: https://www.EasyPayDirect.com/

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