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Products: Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminal, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce Payments

You may have heard of Fattmerchant. It’s located in Orlando, Florida. Its founder, Suneera Madhani, has been profiled in Fast Company. You can read the article here. Here’s our evaluation of Fattmerchant Merchant Accounts below. If you just want to go to the Fattmerchant website, click here.

Quick Points

  • Company Name: Fattmerchant
  • Location: Orlando, Florida USA
  • Products: Credit card payments, virtual terminal, mobile payments, EMV credit card terminals, and a payment gateway
  • Fees: Very easy to understand fees. There is a monthly subscription plan a fixed fee per sale plus interchange fees. This may be the simplest fees we’ve ever seen in the payment industry.
  • Website: https://www.fattmerchant.com/
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Fattmerchant is in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is a major tourist attraction as Disneyworld among other theme parks are located there. What does this mean for Fattmerchant? This means that in their home turf Fattmerchant operates in where there are many types of merchants including, restaurants, services, healthcare, tourist attractions and many more. It is likely that Fattmerchant has seen almost every type of business available and then some. This makes Fattmerchant a seasoned player in the merchant services, merchant accounts and payment processing space. Fattmerchant offers a simple pricing model. You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee, a per transaction fee and credit card interchange. There is no markup on the interchange and so you know exactly what you’re paying. Check their prices here. There are no cancellation penalties. You can try Fattmerchant and then walk away without a penalty if you don’t like their service. Fattmerchant makes getting started accepting credit card payments very simple. You can start with a virtual terminal which only needs a computer or smartphone. You can sell in your website. There is also a mobile phone application. Finally there is also credit card terminals. Here is more detail about the company and its products.

Products and Services

They have virtual terminal, mobile credit card processing, API, payment gateway, and online reporting. These are basic payment processing offerings and this is really all you need to accept credit card payments.

Virtual terminal

The Fattmerchant virtual terminal has many things. It has online reporting, card processing, eChecks or ACH, and pre-authorizations. This terminal is also a mobile site and this means you can use it on your smartphone. If you’re selling over the phone or have some customers who visit your store, the virtual terminal may be right for you. It’s easy to get started with virtual terminal.


If your business needs to ensure that the customer has the available credit balance to be charged at a later date (e.g. rentals and deposits) you can do that on the virtual terminal. So if you’re renting boats, bicycles, beach umbrellas this is a useful feature. If you’re charging per hour for renting paddle boards, leasing property such as hotels or beach houses this feature is handy. Fattmerchant’s home market is Orlando which caters to many tourists. And so we believe Fattmerchant offers this feature to cater this type of business.

ACH e-check processing

e-checks, echecks, ACH or simply paying by checking account can be handy if your business has customers who don’t want to use a credit card.


Fattmerchant just provides the documentation for their API. If you want to use their API to integrate to your website, for example, you’ll need to hire a developer. We’ve looked at their API and it is very straight forward and well documented. When an API is well documented and explained it’s much easier for an engineer to work with it. We think this is what Fattmerchant had in mind when they wrote their documents.

Credit Card Terminals

emv credit card readerFattmerchant appears to use National Processing Company (NPC) as its primary processor. We think that you can expect any integration that works with NPC to also work with Fattmerchant. This gives you a wide range of choices for credit card terminals.


EMV-compliant chip card machines

We see that Fattmerchant is advertising EMV-compliant credit card terminals. There are the terminals where your customer inserts their credit card and the transaction is encrypted or secured with a computer chip in the card.

Terminal reprogramming

If you already have an up-to-date credit card machine, Fattmerchant will reprogram it free of charge. That is a great deal and something quite rare in this industry. Normally a new payment processor will charge for reprogramming.


They offer a robust dashboard and reporting generation. You’ll be able to see your sales and the statuses of payments.

Gateway/Shopping cart

Fattmerchant has partnered with Authorize.Net and all fee and rates are already setup for you. If you’re not selling online you won’t need the payment gateway.

Mobile processing

square card readerThis is offered through a mobile processing app from a company called NPC. The app is called NPC Mobile. It’s a mobile app that gives small and mid-sized merchants a way to accept payments anywhere on an iPhone or Android phone.
To get started using the NPC mobile app, you’ll need to complete online registration forms with Fattmerchant. After that you’ll download and activate the application for NPC Mobile.

With NPC Mobile you can:
  • Send receipts directly to a customer’s email address
  • See transaction history on your mobile device
  • Collect your customers’ signatures within the application
  • Process payments with an AVS (address verification service). This is a feature that checks the customer’s address against the address on file with their credit card company.
  • Calculate tips and taxes
  • Simplify customer information with reverse phone lookup

When you add the NPC Mobile application to the NPC Mobile Card Reader you can convert your mobile device into a point of sale terminal. You swipe the customer’s credit card through the reader.

Here is what you can do with the NPC Mobile Card Reader:

  • Decrease the time you spend processing transactions
  • Reduce costs by swiping the customer’s card instead of paying higher interchange fees for card-not-present transactions
  • Use the card reader on nearly any mobile device with a headphone jack

Combine the NPC Mobile application with the NPC Mobile Card Reader and you can convert your mobile device into a practical point of sale terminal. The card reader is perfect for small businesses that want the ability to process credit card transactions securely, but do not have the budget for expensive hardware.

The mobile payments are perfect for any business that conducts business remotely or in a customer’s home. Typical small businesses include:

    • Contractors
    • House cleaners
    • Hair salons
    • Repair technicians
    • Lawn care companies
    • Cosmetic sales professionals
    • Home interior professionals
    • Mall kiosk operators

Fees and Rates:

Fattmerchant has three pricing plans:

Coin Plan-Business who want to accept payments on their smartphone.

$29 per month
$0.25 per transaction
Interchange fees
A headphone jack and card reader are included to accept credit card payments on your smartphone

You will pay interchange fees. The amount of interchange fees you pay is determined by factors set by the credit card companies. It normally is based upon the type of credit cards and dollar amount. Neither you nor Fattmerchant have no control over this.

Stacks Plan-Businesses who sell online

This plan is for businesses who sell online. You only pay the monthly subscription plan, a per transaction fee and interchange fees. There are no other fees. There are no gateway fees, receipt fees, batch file fees and any other junk fees that some payment processors try to get you to pay. Also there is no early termination fee. Try Fattmerchant and walk away at anytime if you later decide that they are not for you.

$79 per month
$0.15 per transaction
Interchange fees
A payment gateway is included.

Grand Plan-Retail businesses or any business with a need for a credit card terminal.

Healthcare, hospitality, restaurants and etc.

$99 per month
$0.08 per transaction
Plus interchange fees
This is includes an EMV terminal or POS integration

These fees are NOT Charged

Annual fee
Batch fee
Early termination fee
Statement fee
PCI compliance fee
IRS reporting fee

Which plan is right for my business?

Your business’s average transaction size and transaction volume will determine the value you will receive. For example, if you have a few transactions that are large you will definitely save money with Fattmerchant.

  • If you run 5 transactions per day, we suggest the Coin Plan.
  • 15 transactions per day, Stacks Plan
  • 30 transactions per day, Grand plan

Custom pricing

If none of these plans suit your needs Fattmerchant will work up a custom plan. Give them a call and explain your situation.


Fattmerchant advertises compatibility with the following services:

Future POS
Radiant Systems
Revel Systems

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee

There are no long term contractual commitments and no early termination fees. If you don’t like the service offered by Fattmerchant, you can leave without penalty.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The Fattmerchant website also offers live chat during business hour. Aside from that, few promises are made in terms of customer support.


Give Fattmerchant a try. They make it easy to get started. You cancel anytime.

More Information about Fattmerchant

In case you’d like more information here are more websites that explain Fattmerchant.

Corporate Website: https://www.fattmerchant.com/

Orlando Biz Journal

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