Square vs. PayPal Review

Square Payments vs. PayPal Here Summary

ipad square card readerSquare vs. PayPal Review: Square has been a giant in the mobile payment space. They began in 2009 and they’ve had quite a run. They claim to have 3 million vendors. That’s a lot. The reason why is because Square has actually made it easy for anybody to accept credit card payments. This helps people grow their sales. In 2015, Square finally went public and did an IPO.

PayPal is a gorilla in the online payments trade. They’re huge and they’ve been around for a very long time. In 2012, they ventured into mobile payments with the PayPal Here app. PayPal claims they have greater than 170 million active accounts. But it’s likely these are not all PayPal Here customers. In 2015, PayPal was spun away from its parent company: Ebay.

Both Square and PayPal Here have a hefty share of the mobile payment market. They are also well known brands for consumers. Finally both companies offer a lot of products. We’ve tried to give you a review below. We hope you find it useful.

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  • Compatible Hardware
  • Costs
  • Contract Length and also Early Termination Fee
  • Customer Service and Technical Support
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Who is better? It depends on whether you are ecommerce or in a physical retail location.

Square and PayPal Here are both mobile repayment companies. To accept your customers payment you just need just a cell phone or tablet computer. They’re fantastic for merchants at conventions, street vendors, repair businesses, specialist services, dining establishments and retail shops. You can use them anywhere that you could not have a real register, or do not require a huge, difficult POS system.

For mobile payments and physical retail, Square is the clear champion. Square’s application is almost a full POS solution. It also offers a number of additional features such as inventory management. But you cannot integrate Square payment processing into other POS software. For online sales, integrating Square into an eCommerce shop may be challenging. They only have 2 shopping carts that integrate out of the box. With PayPal you can integrate easily into an any number of shopping carts. We actually stopped counting the number. Also PayPal integrates to other POS software.


Let’s look at their basic features:

Free App: Both
Free Reader: Both. The basic mag stripe visitor is complimentary for both. But if you want EMV you can get it.
Offline Mode: Square
Multiple Users: Both
Manual Payment Input: Both
Photo Capture: PayPal

Offline Mode

Square’s Offline Mode is fascinating. You can utilize the credit card reader to swipe a card also when you do not have access to the Internet. As long as you attach to the Internet within 72 hours, the payment will go through automatically.

The catch, undoubtedly, is that you’re responsible for any kind of declined, or disputed approvals while offline. And also you cannot manually enter cards, either– if the swiper doesn’t work, you can’t take the payment.

It’s a risk you handle yourself, but if you’re offering in a place where cell signal is erratic or there’s no Internet (as I have done once in a while), this can be a critical function– and maybe the deciding element.


For a mobile configuration, actually, all you require is a compatible mobile phone or tablet and a bank card visitor. You could send your consumers electronic invoices from either PayPal Here or Square. But if you want a full-fledged register, you could have that, as well– that means receipt printer, money cabinet, the whole shebang.

Now that the EMV liability shift has actually occurred, EMV-compliant equipment is essential. Here’s one area where Square outshines PayPal Here: Square’s EMV viewers are far less costly: the standard design competes $30; the design with NFC capabilities too runs for $49.

In comparison, PayPal supplies a single EMV reader with NFC integrated in for $150. You can get a $100 discount if you accept $3,000 in payments in 3 months. For a new merchant, this can conveniently be a dealbreaker and make you want to use Square.

Both PayPal Here and Square need either an Android or iOS device: either a mobile phone or tablet. But for Square in some cases you’ll just want an iPad if you’re in a normal fixed retail setting or you don’t want to haul your phone out of your pocket all the time. PayPal Here additionally supports Windows tools using the mag red stripe viewers just– not the NFC or EMV viewers.


Who is better on costs? It's a tie.

While the price of hardware is significantly different, Square as well as PayPal Here do provide similar costs for bank card handling. Neither service charges any type of normal fees past those sustained per purchase, which is always great to see.

Price: PayPal Here vs. Square.
Common Swipe: 2.7% 2.75%.
Hand-operated Key-In: 3.5% + $0.153.5% + $0.15.
International Cards: Add 1% to feesNot Stated.
Invoicing: 2.9% + $0.302.75%.

The primary benefit to PayPal is just how fast you get your money. Any mobile payments you approve are available virtually immediately in your PayPal account. If you have the PayPal debit card, you can use your money right now.

Square sends its payments to your checking account within 1-2 business days. Payments taken prior to 5 p.m. Pacific time are available the next business day.

Payments made after 5 p.m. Pacific time are readily available the second business day.

Nonetheless, if you do not have the PayPal debit card, or you favor to route all your funds to your bank account, Square has the advantage. An ACH transfer from PayPal to your bank will certainly take 3-4 days, which can be a problem for some merchants.

Square doesn’t evaluate any chargeback costs, which behaves. PayPal does– $20 per chargeback. However, to PayPal’s credit history, it’s actually lowered that cost from $25, as well as started disclosing it (something that PayPal formerly hadn’t done effectively).

If your company is growing, PayPal Here provides unique pricing for vendors whose quantity surpasses $3,000 in deals each month. Nonprofits additionally get a reduced rate with PayPal– 2.2%. Square does provide quantity discounts, but they’re not well promoted and also certainly not available to sellers just starting out.

Formerly, both Square and PayPal Here had limits on the amount of keyed in transactions you could refine prior to causing a hold– $2,500 for PayPal Here, and $2,000 for Square. PayPal’s amended the phrasing in its contract to be a bit much more nebulous, and also Square seems to have eliminated that details too– but both business have a credibility for holding funds if they suspect anything off the beaten track.

Contract Length as well as Early Termination Fee

Who is better on contracts? It's a tie again.

Among the benefits to both Square as well as PayPal Here is that there’s no contract, no monthly charges, no termination costs. If you don’t like the solution, just quit using it and also discover an additional one.

Sales as well as Advertising Transparency:.

Who is better? Tie.

In general, both Square and also PayPal Here deliver just what they supply: a reliable mobile payment solution with up front prices as well as no concealed charges.

That said, some of the plans for both services can be defined more clearly, a topic we touched on in our evaluations of Square and also PayPal Here. The holds are a factor of contention for merchants, that understandably desire their cash when feasible.

Customer care and also Technical Support

Who is better on customer support? PayPal is a little better.

Square’s customer assistance has actually gained a bum rap, however it’s taken steps to improve– particularly really adding consumer support through phone and this is great. It still doesn’t rather match PayPal’s, however the latter definitely isn’t really without its flaws either, specifically where phone service is worried.

Square assistance consists of the following areas:

Help Center: Very complete as well as comprehensive, covering almost any kind of topic you might need. If you’re having trouble establishing or using your Square account, beginning below and also all your questions should be addressed.
Social network: Square’s assistance Twitter feed (@SqSupport) is active (though not as energetic as PayPal’s), and its YouTube channel contains instructional videos. Square also permits you to post directly to its Facebook page, something it formerly had not enabled.
Get in touch with United States Form: An essential helpful desks almost everywhere.
Phone Support: The most significant defect in Square’s phone assistance is that it’s only offered if you have a code, which some individuals have actually reported having trouble getting. If your account is terminated, you shed all accessibility to phone assistance.
PayPal Here Offers the Following Ways to Get Help

PayPal Hub Home: Start right here to get all your inquiries answered. The aid facility is arranged by subject, with FAQs you could have.
PayPal Community Forum: Get solutions from various other PayPal individuals.
Social network: Facebook and Twitter. Especially, tweet @AskPayPal Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time, and also they’ll go find you an answer. For a frame of reference: PayPal’s basic Twitter account (@PayPal) has just reluctant of 8,500 tweets at the time of composing. AskPayPal has about 144,000. You can additionally upload straight to Facebook’s page.
Phone and also Email: The online consensus concerning PayPal’s phone assistance seems to be that the solution is irregular at ideal. Thankfully, the majority of the responses you need are available through the aid workdesk, community online forum, or social media sites.
Unfavorable Reviews and also Complaints:.

Who is better? PayPal.

Problems are never a good thing, yet they take place. Arranging with the mess of grievances for Square as well as PayPal Here can be intimidating. Typically we ‘d seek advice from the BBB, but all issues regarding PayPal Here are directed with PayPal’s main page (which has some 5,000+ grievances), which makes it a bit difficult. Sites like RipOffReport are also full of individuals who have actually been scammed by merchants on Square or PayPal as well as desire the companies to do something about it. (They will not.).

That indicates it’s hard to draw straight, apples-to-apples comparisons regarding complaint quantity (and also the unidentified size of each company’s individual base.) However we can make use of these remarks other ones around the internet to obtain a photo of where the problems as well as discomfort factors exist.

The biggest problem with both is merely that some vendors have trouble accessing their money. PayPal is, as we’ve said before, trigger-happy where it thinks scams. Yet Square appears to have even bigger problems with withholding funds from sellers or ending accounts with little to no validation. Simply put, that’s a side effect of both firms’ “Come as you are” approaches to company. It’s regrettable, yet the expense of accessibility is integrity.

Many of Square’s jilted individuals are naturally discouraged at the loss of phone assistance when your account is ended. If you look through the BBB issues, you’ll learn that Square’s compliance department– which is the division that determines when to reduce a merchant loose– deals only in e-mail for accountability and also record-keeping.

If you do encounter the dreadful hold or account termination, you could expect to get your money in no less compared to 90 days. While that delay could be a headache, it’s likewise market standard. Both PayPal Here and Square will certainly sometimes keep funds in a reserve and request added confirmation for your business. That might be an invoice or evidence of consent of the repayment, along with financial institution statements and various other documents.

If you have high-risk transactions, you most likely wish to hesitate about making use of either of these services. That includes selling public auctions as well as vintages, as well as some branches of specialist solutions. Unexpected high-value transactions will certainly likewise cause both companies to get a bit unreliable.

Discover more regarding high-risk sellers in our short article here.

Positive Reviews as well as Testimonials:.

Who is better? PayPal.

You’re likelying to discover some very strong fans on both sides of the Square vs. PayPal Here argument. Both apps are well created and also very easy to make use of, with great testimonials generally. They both make mobile repayments available to individuals who could or else not have the ability to manage them.

What freaks a lot of people out is the a great deal of grievances from people who seem to have actually done nothing incorrect. However at the same time, there are a lot of individuals that utilize both Square and also PayPal Here without any problem. They just tend to be a little bit less singing. We have some pleased clients for both PayPal Here as well as Square who have posted on our reviews, as well as there’s good information spread somewhere else, also.

PayPal has some video clip testimonials on its YouTube channel. Square has much more.

The large variety of unhappy clients can appear frightening, however you have to remember that’s actually the minority of customers. If either firm were shedding even more customers than it got, it would not stay afloat long.


Who is better? PayPal.

Who is better? Unless you're doing ecommerce, it's a tie between the two. If you're running a website then we would have to give PayPal our vote because they have far more shopping cart integrations done for you.

They’re not without their defects– mostly the holds as well as freezes.that sellers experience, yet they both offer strong worth for merchants that require mobile handling. We’re comfy calling this one a draw. You need to opt for the mobile processor that has the functions you need a lot of.

PayPal Here behaves because you get access to your cash right away, and also in general, it defeats Square in terms of integrity … the majority of the moment. If PayPal Here’s function collection is ideal for you, go all out.

Square’s Offline Mode is a strong asset to sellers who market on the go as well as may not have dependable Internet gain access to. The difference in costs for their EMV-compliant equipment might be the deciding aspect: PayPal’s solution is much more expensive– a full $100 more, and also not all vendors will even need NFC assistance. While you will potentially give up some security, it’s hard to reject the comfort and versatility Square offers.

Want to learn more regarding Square vs PayPal Here? Have a look at our evaluations of both products or give these companies a shot. We ‘d love to hear from you, as well, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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