How to Prepare for Holiday Selling Season

Getting Ready for the Holidays (Part 1 of 5)

It’s now late November and time to get ready for peak holiday season. What? Yes. If you’re selling to consumers you need to get ready now.
Don’t worry. There is still a lot of time but you’ll have to move fast. We’ve got a checklist here below for you to follow.


  1. Decide what you will sell during holiday season. This may be a few products or a hundred or more. Do some research and see how well the products sold last year and the price.
  2. Do an audit of your website. Check the speed of your website. You can do this using this website. Whether you have a WordPress site, Magento site, html site or whatever site you have can tell you where to improve. You don’t have a lot of time to fix your site. So if you’re not very technical then hire someone to help you. Generally, you can find someone on You can get very affordable technical help from India or the Phillipines.
  3. Are you happy with your payment processing services? If not, now is the time to make a quick change. Here is how to negotiate with your payment processor.
  4. How will you get traffic to your website? You will need to think way beyond basic SEO or search engine optimization. In general, we think you will need to do a mix of SEO, paid traffic and social media.
    Approximately 70% of the time adults spend on the internet is social media so we’ll start with social media and cover a few basics.
  5. Social Media means having a fanpage in, a Twitter Card, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. It can be overwhelming if you have not made these before. So we recommend hiring someone on For only $5 each you can get pretty good looking Fanpages in Facebook.
  6. Once you have your social media sites built you will want to share them with friends, family and relatives. If you’re a bigger company you may have someone who you hire to do social media outreach for you. The holidays are a time when many people on are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so don’t sleep on your social media. If you are selling to women, you specifically will need Pinterest. There are some software and tools you can use to make managing your social media much easier. We will cover that in another article. For now you should get your social sites built, ask friends and family to like your sites. Also you will want to link your social sites to your website.
  7. SEO works but it’s difficult and time consuming. You may want to hire someone to help you. You will need several hundred to several thousand dollars per month depending upon how much work is needed. Whether you hire someone or not you need to start your SEO now because SEO results typically take several weeks or months to get working. In Part 2 of this series we’ll explain how to hire an SEO agency and also some tips for how to do this yourself.
  8. Decide if you will sell in, or some other online marketplace. If you’re selling arts and crafts you may want to consider selling in Generally Amazon gets loads of traffic during holidays and so if you can get your products listed in you will have some great opportunities to make sales. Here is a link to Amazon to learn more.

There is a lot more to do to get ready for holiday season. It’s likely your most profitable time of the year. We’ll be back with more information to you help.

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