Selling Your Products Online with Shopify

Why use Shopify as your ecommerce solution?

There are many Shopify reviews out there and we admit that choosing the right e-commerce online shop builder can be tough. If you’re starting out in ecommerce you will want to consider Shopify. It’s got everything you need. It’s fast and easy to get started. You can focus your energies on creating new products to sell. You can leave all the technical stuff to them and they’ll handle it. There’s more. It’s pretty cheap. There is also a two week trial if you want to just give it whirl. Think selling online is hard to do? Think again. Because these guys give you all the goods to go sell online today.

But if you are starting a new online business, or just want to add an online business to your existing operation, this is definitely one of the easiest ecommerce builders to create your online shop (we’ll explain why in the details below.).

Shopify is a major if not the leading online shop builder. It currently powers over 243,000 shops and helped businesses do over $14 billion worth of sales. Here are some examples of online stores. You can also see a lot of customer success stories here. Most importantly, you can see what they can do for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new online shop, or bringing an offline store online to grow your business, the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot technology. They can help you save time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

One key thing that we think Shopify has done exceptionally well, is invite other vendors (such as theme designers or online tools providers) to integrate their services and products into Shopify, making Shopify a 1-stop-shop for all the tools you’ll need to create a successful online shop. We’ll give you more details below.

Shopify Reviews

Web Hosting: Shopify does your web hosting for you. It’s easy.

Payment Gateway: Shopify handles your payments for you. They take the responsibility of securing credit card data so you don’t have to. This is good. You don’t want this hassle.

Website Builder Tool: You get a bunch of templates you can use to build slick looking websites. Change your website as often as you like. You won’t have to pay for changes and you can do it yourself.

Getting Started with Shopify


Shopify Fees

You will be surprised how cheap that this can be. Entry level pricing starts at just $9 per month.
There are fees for transactions but that’s also pretty reasonable. You can you use the payment processors who are already integrated with Shopify. So this can get pretty easy for you.

Shopify Plans

There are four plans available. If you’re just starting out and not really sure if this is for you then go with the cheapest plan. It’s called the Lite plan and it’s only $9 a month. You cannot get much cheaper than that.


What’s in the Lite Plan? This may seem like a bare bones plan, but it’s not. You’ll get the ability to sell an unlimited number of products. You’ll get payment processing online and in-person. You will pay a transaction fee of 2.9% +0.30 a transaction. This is not super cheap for payment processing but it’s not super expensive considering the other things you get. You will also get 24 x 7 customer support. This is amazing considering you are only paying $9 a month. But you won’t get an online store. You’ll have to build your own website and insert buy buttons from Shopify into the store. Learn more here.


What’s in the Basic Plan? You’ll get more than the Lite plan. For one thing, you’ll get an online store hosted by Shopify. You can also sell in Pinterest and Twitter. You’ll also get a blog. You’ll also have the same payment processing plan. This is all for $29 a month. This is a pretty good deal.


What’s in the Pro Plan?


What’s in the Unlimited Plan?

Shopify Themes

You will like all the themes that are available. You can hire a developer to build a theme for you. You can use free themes. You’ve got a wide selection.

Free Themes

There are many free themes available for you to use. The themes are well designed and attractive. You should look through the themes to see if there is something that you can use. Also it’s good to look through the themes and understand how you might design your website or at lease get some idea on how you need to layout your side. Find the free Shopify Themes Here.

Best Themes


Shopify Vs Other Ecommerce Solutions

Example Shopify Websites

Shopify Store



There is some great advice on picking a payment processor, payment provider, or payment gateway.

Shopify Developer

If you want a very customized storefront and special features for your store or you just don’t have the time or inclination to setup your store by yourself, get a Shopify Web Development Expert. What is a Shopify Web Development Expert? This is a group of talented web developers based in your area. Dealing with local web developers is a benefit when building an online store. The developers build on top of the ecommerce solution and all stores on Shopify are fully hosted. So you won’t have to mess with hosting. There are also an easy to navigate admin panel.

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