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If you’re using Square Payments there may be other equipment that will be helpful or make your life easier. What kind of equipment will you want with your Square Card Reader? Generally, we think of the four pieces of equipment below.

  • Square Receipt Printer
  • iPad Square Stand
  • Square Barcode Scanner
  • iPad

Square Receipt Printer

915EvhFGNAL._SL1500_A receipt printer is a device to print out a receipt and give to a customer when you have made a sale. Some customers are ok with the email receipt that is sent to them. Many customers will want a paper receipt. The receipt printer is an electric device that connects to your smartphone with a USB port. It prints out the receipt from your Square Card Reader using thermal paper. In other words, there is no ink. The device uses heat inside to chemically print the customer’s order on the receipt.




Square Receipt Printer Specifications

31WWZ0HYHJLThe Receipt printer is approximately 7 inches or 21 centimeters long. Here is more below:

  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 inches
  • Color: Grey or Black
  • Included Items: Paper Roll, Software, Power Cable, Mounting Kit, Interface Cable

The parts and software are included in one box with the printer. There is an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll. There is also software that lets you design your receipt. For example, you can add your logo or coupons. Generally the setup is plug and play.

Benefits of a Receipt Printer

  • Most of your customers want a receipt. They want to be able to return purchases or use the receipt to record their purchase for tax purposes.
  • You can design your receipts to show your company logo, coupon, website or phone number. This gives some advertising space.
  • Large retail stores always provide receipts and so you offer a similar professional experience when you print a receipt.
  • Providing a receipt to your customer at the sale reminds the customer that they made a purchase from you when they view their credit card statement. This can lead to lower chargebacks.

Features of a Receipt Printer

  • The receipt printer has software, power cable, interface cable and a paper roll. This is all you need to get started. In most cases, setting up the receipt printer only takes 15 minutes or less. It’s really a plug and play setup.
  • The paper is printed with heat and so you have no ink cartridges to purchase.
  • The software is what you use to design your own custom receipt.
  • The interface cable is the connection between your smartphone or iPad and the receipt printer. When you make a sale and take a payment by swiping the customer’s credit card, the receipt printer will automatically output a paper receipt for your customer.

What are the makes and models of receipt printers?

A few of the well known brands are Star, Esky and Imagestore. Office supply stores sell the receipt printers. You can also find receipt printers on Amazon.com.

iPad Square Stand

square ipad stand To turn your Square reader into something more akin to a cash register there is an iPad Square Stand. This is a stand that holds your iPad and also allows you to swipe your customer’s credit card. This is more professional than hauling out your cell phone and swiping the credit card. The customer can see their purchase on your ipad and confirm the transaction. Your smartphone stays in your pocket. iPad Stands are typically made from heavy duty white resin and they are very durable.

iPad Square Stand Specifications

  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 inches
  • Color: Grey or Black
  • Included Items: Paper Roll, Software, Power Cable, Mounting Kit, Interface Cable

What are the benefits of an iPad Square Stand?

  • Your business will appear more professional.
  • iPad Stands are made of white plastic and they look good. They are durable.
  • It’s easy to setup an iPad Stand. So if you’re selling at a farmer’s market, arts fair or at the beach it’s easy to get setup quickly.
  • Customers seem to prefer seeing their card swiped on an iPad Stand versus a smartphone. This may be because it’s faster than fishing the phone out of your pocket, attaching the dongle and swiping the customer’s card.

Where can you buy an iPad Square Stand?

We recommend shopping online and checking office supply stores. Amazon.com is a great place to look for the best price.

Square Barcode Scanner

squarebarcodereader If you have a lot of products or dislike keying transactions into your iPad, a good device to consider is Square Barcode Scanner. A barcode scanner reads the UPC code or barcode on your product and automatically enters the item and price into your Square transaction. Most bar code readers are now wireless and so it’s convenient and easy to use.

Square Barcode Scanner Specifications

  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 inches
  • Color: Grey or Black
  • Included Items: Paper Roll, Software, Power Cable, Mounting Kit, Interface Cable




ipad square card reader The iPad works great with Square payments. You’ll have nice big display to show your customer. You can take payments on your smartphone but you’ll need to whip out your phone, plug in the dongle and swipe the customer’s credit card. The iPad is classier than a phone and it’s easier for the customer to see their purchase transaction. What’s more is that you can use an iPad Stand as we talked about above.

There are multiple ways to take payments on your smartphone.

To see all the equipment that works with Square Payments please go to this website.