Star Micronics TSP654SK [Square Receipt Printer]

Star Micronics TSP654SK

Star Micronics TSP654SKThe TSP654SK Lining-Free printer was made to work in environments where you need to print a receipt and attach it to an order. The thermal labels that are repositionable can stick to practically any surface, and can be removed readily and reapplied leaving behind no residue. The lining-free labels are an option to using silicone-lined tape or labels.

Lining-free labels are an improvement for quick service restaurants (QSR) programs, from drive through service self service deli programs. The lining-free labels can be used for the whole order or an exception order such as a sandwich just by attaching it to the tote. The labels can remain with and monitor an order through the whole preparation procedure, enhancing both drive through, and take out a better bottom line, and order precision.

Here is a comparison of different receipt printers.