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Square POS: 5 Things You Need

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If you sell one-on-one to customers, it’s likely you have actually come across Square POS. For all type of service. From mobile point-of-sale devices and customer surveys to next-day deposits as well as online buying, Square has everything you have to run your company anywhere. Square gives you a lot and here are some of their features listed below. But to run a full scale Square POS you’ll need more than a reader to plug into your smartphone. Sure the phone is ok but if you’ve got a lot of customers, a physical retail space and want to be professional, you’ll need more stuff. How much more? Well that depends on your budget and your business. We’ll give you the quick list here below.

1. Square Stand for iPad Air 1 or 2

2. Star Micronics CD3 1616 Automatic Cash Drawer

3. Star TSP100 Series USB Printer

4. Square Contactless and Chip Reader

5. Dock for Square Reader

What’s the cost? It’s going to be about $500 or so to get all this online. But shop around. Also you may not need all of this. We put the list in the order of priority as we see it. But your business may be different or you may have a different opinion. We did look at a lot of small businesses to see what they are using before writing this article. If you want one device that has everything, check out the Square Register.

    Here is a video below that shows everything together.

​1. Square stand

Square Stand connects to an iPad Air 1/2 or a Pro 9.7 tablet. The stand plugs your table in, holds it and makes it look like a cash register.

If you get nothing else, get a Square Stand.

Why get a Square Stand?

This is pretty easy. A stand makes you look professional. It’s also easier than hauling a phone out of your pocket. Most merchants use a stand unless they are selling a service such as plumbing, gardening, carpentry and etc. where hauling out a phone is totally ok. If you’re in a fixed location or semi-fixed location such as a cart, kiosk, food truck or pop-up store you need a stand.

What does a stand do?

It holds your tablet. It is a place for your customer to swipe their card. You can show the transaction to your customer. So it really is a cash register.

Where do you get a stand?

Buy these online. It’s easy The stands will be somewhere between $100 and $200. A white stand is the way to go. This gives you a clean image. That’s important for food or really any consumer retail.

More information on Square Stand

Here is more information.
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​2. Cash drawer

Star Micronics CD3 1616 Automatic Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is something that many businesses don’t think about immediately. Until they’ve done a cash sale. Yes. Many people still use cash. So you’ll definitely have cash sales. You don’t want to turn any customer away. You can simply make change from your wallet or your pocket. But that’s unprofessional. You’ll also have to sort out the accounting mess later. If you’re using Square, you’ll ring up the sale as a cash payment.

To maintain your settlement records in one location, you could utilize the Square application to track money, checks, gift cards from third-party solutions, and various other types of settlements. There’s no fee to approve various other tender kinds. When you approve other tender types, Square doesn’t refine any funds as well as features only as a business device. Loan for these transactions are exchanged straight between you and also your customer as well as will not be transferred by Square.
You could also tailor your check out screen by toggling and also reordering what Settlement Types are offered at check out.

Accept Cash and Other Tender on a Tablet

  1. Enter the amount of the payment or select an item from your library to add to the current sale.
  2. Tap Charge.
  3. Under Accept Cash, select a preset amount or tap Custom to enter a different amount > Tender.
  4. If you’re using an iPad connected to a cash drawer, your cash drawer will automatically open when you tap Tender.

More information on Cash Drawer

Credit to the POSGuys.com for a great overview video.
Here is more information.

​3. Receipt Printer

Star TSP100 Series USB Printer

More information on Star TSP100 Series USB Printer

Here is more information.

​4.Contactless and chip reader

Chip Reader

More information on Square Contactless and Chip Reader

​5. Dock for Square Reader


A dock does what it says. It is a place or dock to put your Square contactless and chip reader. It keeps the reader charged and gives it a place on your counter. You don’t really need it. You can charge your reader from time to time on your own. But the dock does not cost much and it’s a convenience to give you piece of mind. Your reader won’t be out of juice when you have a customer making a purchase. How much does this cost? It’s about $40 or so. Not a lot of money. And it’s easy to set up and get going.

More information on Dock for Square Reader

Square Payment Features

  • Free Software
  • Credit Card processing at 2.75% per swipe
  • Set up in minutes
  • Customize orders
  • Kitchen tickets and cash management
  • Easily upload inventory
  • Security technology
  • Personalize your signature screen and receipts